hippys use trained wasps and fences to attack police:)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. You could end up in a sticky corner there!
  2. That £5.9m in largely overtime payments is sorely needed to keep the profits bouyant for Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, you know!
  3. £5.9 million? Surely a few baton rounds and some tear gas would have sorted this out a great deal faster.... and cheaper.
  4. deleted due to points raised by Closet jibber and Herrumph :oops:
  5. The protest was intended to close down the power station for 10 days or so. The organisors asked for thousands of people to protest. Similar protests had led to violence - so the Police had to plan a response.

    They are damned if they do and damned if they don't. When a bunch of muppets closed an airport last week there was outrage because the police didn't stop it. Someone send a bill for the policing to the stupid organisations that plan these stunts.

    If the Guardian and Lib Dems support this action then let them pay for the damage, field rent, portaloos and security to make sure they don't break the law. Trespass, criminal damage, obstructing Queen's Highway, being criminally under-washed etc are still crimes and should be treated as such.
  6. Behave yourself.

    You don't think that money went in cops pockets do you?

    You'll more likely find it was pent on:

    Hiring rooms at a local hotels to brief senior officers and civillian staff.
    Buffets for said rooms.
    Renting things like barriers and fences.
    Hire cars and vans for moving equipment (No duff).
    Fuel for the vehicles used.
    The usual Service Support logistical crap
    Expenses for other force Bosses to attend the planning phase.
    Overtime for the many Bosses who decided to work the event from an office.
    Overtime for the many bosses who decided to put a coat on and show up.
    Overtime lastly for the worker ants (Although in our area one is only allowed so much cash overtime the rest is given as rest day in lieu, a rest day you can never hope to take)

    * As for trained wasps. Words cannot describe that which is truly awesome :D
  7. I don't think anyone over rank of inspector gets overtime any more - but good rant anyway

    You missed:

    media ops facilities
    Diversity awareness advisors
    Stress counsellors
    H&S assessments
    Warning signs " Barbed wire - it may be sharp" "climbing over this barrier might hurt" etc
    Risk assessments
  8. I think you'll find if they come in on a rest day their bases are covered, normally with a grin and a wink for how much its worth (Especially if they're out of force area).

    You are also right with what I missed however how long should this list go before people realise that the point is, Money was/is wasted everywhere except where it was needed.
  9. Trained wasps? I am rightly concerned that the crusties have formed an unholy alliance with Mother Nature herownself!

    As CJ says - Awesome, Dude!

    Can they sort out the Winter cold snap as well, my power bills are a crippler..
  10. All that and someone walked in and switched a power station generator off. 5.9 million quids worth of Kent Plod cordon and he moseys in and switches off 2% of the country's power supply. Then moseys back out again. Kent Clownstabulary. What a laugh though. Perhaps the trained wasps provided a distraction for this sting.
  11. I was wondering when you would show up. I suppose you used to do Judo with the current Chief Con in '81'.

    For what its worth I agree with the sentiment though
  12. lol, I'm glad we have such hardened police officers in Britain.
  13. Somebody claimed in parliament that 70 police had been hurt policing the demonstration it was implied the hippys were violent and knives had been seized.
    from the kitchen tent even vegan slop needs vegetables cut up (as well as chunks of meat to make it edible)
  14. Hurt feelings ofcourse :roll:

    Even the queens finest get hurt feelings


    If 70 Bobbies were hurt genuinely I'm John Wayne. Thats 70% of the entire countries front line Police Officers :roll: