Hippocritical Cnuts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by swampypants, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I have an Irish girlfiend, not because I enjoy her company, but because I like fkcing her. Her family are a fKcing nightmare and are the first people to ask for respect without a hint of giving any themselves. I could go on all day about the f.....b......stards. So, I ask the gentlemen and splitarses of this forum. 2 simple questions:

    1. How do I make it look like an accident
    2: Does anybody have an old transit van that I can fit an old rolled up carpet in?
  2. To be sure to be sure, Bugsy will trott along any minute to tell you every thing you need to know/the error of you ways/how the army killed his family though there's no record of it...

    I hope you're taking the girl in question up the wrong un then making her suck and swallow which is the only fair thing she can do with a family like hers - good luck!!!
  3. Do You Like Getting Blow Jobs?.... Yes? Do You Like Giving Blow Jobs... No? That makes you a hippocrit surely?

    Life moves the twats are everywhere
  4. Exactly! the only thing the republican bitch is getting is ex British Army cock. PS. I personally bayonetted her great grandads pet rabbit. apparently. That was after:
    I personally caused the potato famine.
    which was shortly after
    I invented slavery
    I built Hadrians wall to persicute the Celts
    Caused the dinousaurs to be extinct.
    feel free to add to the list (it's all my fcucking fault).
  5. Sticky', Haven't a clue what your last persona was, but by fuck you are geting boring with your 'Bugsy' shite!
  6. PS. I do have some gash shots which I am more than willing to share, now that we have split up after 3 years. Not that I am bitter of course!
  7. Is it true that mad women are great roots?
  8. I'd be logical and say if you've split up from her, what's the problem?

    But, this is the NAAFI...

    Prevention of Terrorism? I'm sure a man of your means could "find" some incriminating evidence in their gaff to ensure they were at least taken in for questioning...
  9. split up since the first post?

    you should delete your cookies mate, it's never a good idea plotting to kill the missus' folks then leaving it logged in.
  10. No that was me.

    Can't see what the fuss is all about, they got a cruise out of it.
  11. The Daily Mash has many a good article on their 'victimhood'. I particularly liked the one about the Thierry Henry incident.

    Hand of God II

    Oh, btw, incase people think it's all about Bog Arab bashing it's not. Anybody or any group that displays stupidity gets it.
  12. Hypocritical? Surely you mean bigotted?
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    ......... on the Titanic.
  14. You could try reminding them that the famine is over and that it's safe to go home now.

    Unless you don't want to risk being mistaken for a Rangers fan.
  15. My remark on finding no potatoes at my local Co-op in Belfast, that there must be another famine, went down like a lead balloon.

    Some people have no sense of humour.