Hip Replacements faulty/Dangerous

Its bad enough getting old and bold, with creaky joints and seized up bits, but then to hear that the bionic replacement fitted ( hips in this case ) is slowly poisoning you is a kick in the nuts.

After an attempted cover up by manufacturers it would now seem that 1 in 8 of the hip replacements carried out in the u.k. since 2003 are faulty or liable to fail, the metal on metal design of some of the appliances leads to metal debris being released into the bloodstream of the patient, metals such as chromium and cobalt which can cause long term damage to major organs, even after the offending appliance is removed. Doing some research a "safe" level would be around 7 parts per billion of metal contamination in the blood ( her indoors got a reading of 37 on one of her two )

It's a heads up really to any one who has had hip replacement surgery, or has a family member or friend with replacement hips/knees, be aware that you should contact your surgeon to arrange for detailed blood testing, the majority of patients do NOT have pain initially, there are several brands of appliances involved Stryker, johnson and johnson, De Puy.In the U.S. where else, the class action law firms are already circling over De Puy. Here it is gathering pace although recent searches have not uncovered any of the big firms gathering clients yet!!

As i said just a heads up to all the older and creakier members, i am in the process of getting through the red tape minefield re: data protection, confidentiality etc etc, but should anyone need a bit of help please p.m.

Just occured to me that this could well apply to guys injured in Afgh/Iraq, who might have recently undergone this type of surgery.
any lads(really old gits) who had joint replacements or bone and steel rebuilds done in Baor in the 60,s and early 70,s if you have problems with plates or pins, dont forget to mention that the op was done in BAOR ,it seems the screws and bolts are not the same as used in in UK and australia, as I found out the hard way 3 years ago , it seems my pelvis and hip are held to gether with german meccano, had the operation ,woke up to a sarcastic surgeon asking me if the plates had been put in by VW mechanics, he had to weight for special instruments , 3 weeks later the same 5hour Op. a great success and I have a jar of VW and Hanomag nuts and bolts compliments of BMH Hannover
Obviously there's 1000's of blokes having hip replacements because they've done a tour on Herrick. You bellend.
You seem to have a habit of trolling forums of no interest to yourself to inject sarcasm or criticism!!

In context it is highly likely that casualties of ied incidents may have had to have reconstuctive surgery involving these devices, why highlighting to them the problems surfacing with these prosthetics makes me a "bellend" i do not know.
Another thing to be aware of is an allergy to the cement that is used in the op. I knew someone who went in for a "routine" hip job and never regained consciousness. They told the family afterwards that she had an allergic reaction. I think I will get myself tested for this if the time comes.

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