Hip pain.

Well worth getting this one checked out by a sports physio, or even perhaps through work as some police forces employ their own physios now.
Things that can cause hip pain in runners are bursae (as you already know), ITB syndome (the tendon that runs down the side of your leg or an unstable pelvis to name but a very few.
Hips are tricky joints so it would be impossible to offer any real help on here I'm afraid.

Good luck and keep us posted
I suffered from a hip prob most of last year.

Doc told me it was arthritis, 30 years of martial arts wear and tear he said. Might need a new hip sooner than normal.

I was on a downer I can tell you. So much pain it was crippling.

Three months ago I was "landed" with a 7month old recue dog, (Collie/Pointer mongrel) hyperactive and uncontrollable the owners had said.

The dog is a delight, no probs (kickings and kindness) and walking that dog morning and night for a few hours each time has sorted my hip.

Doc nor me can understand it. Lucky I suppose. Or is it treat the poison with the poison derivative idea?

Hair of the dog even?..

I can't work out why but my hip is like it was 2 years ago, no pain, no restiction of movement and I'm back on the mat again.

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