Hip pain - Running

I've started to notice some soreness around and slightly above my hips, which is most noticeable towards the end of, and after the four and a half mile runs I've recently been doing. I'm in the process of joining the Army (fingers crossed), but am coming from a place of little fitness. I've lost a couple of stone over the past three months or so, if that's any help. Is this just a muscle group that I'm working properly for the first time? Today the soreness was almost painful on standing up about half an hour after my run. I'm loath to slow down my training in any way unless I'm properly injured, but don't want to do myself a mischief by overdoing it either.

I run on four and a half miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a 1.5 best effort on Sunday. I've recently increased the distance I run from three and a half miles.
I had a hip pain recently. It nagged when I walked too. I was advised to lie on my side, with my bad hip facing upwards. Bend the lower, and then raise my let 2 foot, and hol for 10 2 secs, then lower, without touching the floor, then repeat.

If I rememebr rightly I was told there are 3 muscles in the hip, and 1 could be weaker. That excersize strenghens it aparently. Try it for a week or 2, worked for me.
3_Peco_Seconds_GO said:
sounds the same .. weakness ... see GP and ask for physio referal ..
Do this. Hip pain can be indicative of many things, from problems with your pelvis, to muscular, to nerve damage.

Slow down and ease off running, try swimming or other low impact exercise for a bit.
3_Peco_Seconds_GO said:
sounds the same .. weakness ... see GP and ask for physio referal ..
What he said, but if you're looking to join the Army sooner rather than later I'd go to a physio without waiting for GP referal. I had a similar problem and had some electro therapy on the area, some stretches and exercises prescribed by the physio and was back up and running within a few weeks.
I had the same problem and discovered that my feet were going flat.

Call me crazy, but it must have been something to do with the marathons and years of tabbing with body weight sized bergans.

I went to my doctor but he didn't have a clue what was going on. I finally made my doctor give me a referral to see a chiropractor, and he told me what was wrong in about 2 minutes.

Go see anyone who makes orthotics and they should tell you if you need them. You might have to go back to your doctor/chiropractor to get a prescription to have them made, but I'd do it in that order anyways to save time and hassle.

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