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I'm going to be working with you green lot in the new year (am a dark blue, ipod wearing, fattie) and the man from stores has given me hip-pads to stick on my webbing. Will I be mocked mercilessly for being weak for wearing it, or is it accepted kit?

Not a wah, standing by for the in-coming, wouldn't mind a real answer!!
It would be quite silly not to, it's a good bit of kit and you should definitely wear it with your webbing.

Now you may still be mocked for the appearance overall of your webbing!
Nothing wrong with them; very handy if you're of the thinner variety or find webbing uncomfortable. Make sure the webbing's properly put together though, the ARRSEpedia's got a decent article on it.


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Nowt gay with them. Pretty much every infanteer I know uses one. I remember one CSM of my acquaintence that thought they were effectively an admission of homosexual communism, then we did a few days in the field with him actually doing stuff (!) and lo, a CSM who has suddenly changed his mind...!!

Def worth it. If you can get those full length versions, they're the nuts.
If you're getting bruises over protruding hip bones (e.g. if you're doing P Coy and have lost about 3 stone in weight) then a better alternative is one of those rubber/elastic back supports sold at Boots and some sports shops - the same range where you get ankle/knee/elbow supports.

Instead of using the support around your waist, you drop it down over your hips. These supports don't move around, and they're also wide enough to prevent burns from the bottom edge of the bergan (particularly if you're an airborne hero still using a SAS bergan......).
Indeed, I'm doing the green stuff as otherwise it would be a breach of ooman rights, the RN has many, many siamese twins in its ranks, and we can do anything everybody else does. We do have have a particularly large beret mind.....

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