Hip flasks - favourite style and contents

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Micawber, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. So, you're all ready to go out shooting, beating, watching a game of rugby or spending the day perving the female jogging community from your favourite bush - what do you put in your trusty hip flask and what pattern of flask do you have? I'm a sloe gin fan myself and it goes in one of those round flasks with a porthole in the middle. Any other reccomendations?
  2. Since the porthole reduces the flask capacity considerably, I don't have one of those. In fact, I don't bother decanting the Lagavulin and simply drag the whole bottle around with me.
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  3. Sloe gin.

  4. I have one that I acquired from somewhere, I think it was the first thing I saw that wasn't nailed down. Traditional style one. I'm not a golfer, tend to just take a box of beer when I'm fishing or a bottle of something stronger when I'm camping so I don't have much use for it.

    It was filled with Sailor Jerry's and was kept as super emergency backup booze. **** knows where it is now or what's in it.
  5. Mixed some cheap Brandy with Cassis once. Bought them from a supermarket in Sennelager, very nice.
    As for the hip flask, any will do as long as it doen't leak.
  6. Traditional style, with a decent single estate cognac.
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  7. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Traditional, Bells if going to mix with coffee/tea, very usefull for this time of year bonfire and fireworks etc and the OH wants a warming tot, and doing 'that' outdoors tends to scare the horses and lead to court. Going for a 'bracing' walk in the great outdoors, you never know you may find a suitable rock to sit upon and admire the spectacular Scottish countryside then a good malt, I like Glenmorangie.

    However I have never tasted 'sloe gin' I have recently seen the Gordon's purple bottles in the supermarket, is it any good? Do you mix it with 'T', when at home? Does it come in handy little pre-mixed tins (which are also good to carry around during the summer, though not in the car, that's bad) which I find nice to have....
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  8. Dads-Army-Hip-Flask85.jpg My daughter got me one of these for my birthday.
    The usual tipple is Glenmorangie.
    Or any other single malt really.
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  9. Trad. pattern with a little silver fold up cup ( 3 tapered rings ). Fill with home made sloe gin. You must be very cold to enjoy to the full.

  10. CC - You drink it neat, at least I do. It's gin that's had sloe berries and various other bits and bobs marinated in it for a good while. Strong and sweet and really does the job outdoors. Whisky outdoors doesn't quite do it for me although Lagavulin comes close. Swap that round for indoors, tho. Decent whisky every time and wouldn't touch the sloe gin.
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  11. I'm the same this time of year, only time I use my hipflask, mine was gifted to me by my Dad, leather covered holds about half a pint and fitted nicely inside my smock pocket.
    Sloe gin, well make it yourself or try damsons, cherry's, experiment a bit. I still have some from an old gamekeeper I knew, said he strained it through the gusset of his wife tights, probably true.
  12. A good single maly in a traditional flask. BUT inline with the sloe gin mob, Cherry Brandy isn't bad either.
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  13. Leather covered, Glenfiddich at the moment, but have been known to fill it up with sloe gin or brandy
  14. Traditional leather clad flask, won at a corporate clay shoot, with home made sloe gin in, must be allowed to mature with the sloes in for several months at least, preferably when made with current years sloes and alowed to mature for next seasons shooting!
    Have experimented with sloe vodka, but not as good as the gin version IMHO and tried whisky mac, whisky mixed with Stones ginger wine, that was quite acceptable!
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  15. Traditional flask with Caol Ila
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