Hip, back, Kidney pain...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by The_Cheat, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Right, playing Rugby this morning I took a proper shoeing! At the time it wasn't to bad and I finished the game but I'm in clip now! The small of my back over to one side, pretty much at the apex of my Iliac Crest, is killing me. I can't bend over and I'm even walking funny now.

    It doesn't feel like a pull or a strain and there's no bruising... :?

    I don't fancy schlepping off to see my Doc if I can deal with it myself. What do you think it could be?

    Thanks in advance,

    T C
  2. Are you front row?
  3. Go sick you plonker. If you can't walk properly you need to seek medical advice.
  4. haha! Haven't been called a plonker in years!! I can walk, just I look like an old man.

    I'm a back so the front row issue shouldn't affect me but I hit a few rucks so it might be something along those lines.

    I'll go sick in the morning if I'm still in bad shape so don't worry! :D

    T C
  5. I used to get the same sort of pain after a hard match. Quite common when scrummaging against someone very big/strong.

    You'll find that it will ease up over the next couple of days. Take a long hot bath, if you have a bird get her to give you a massage.
  6. Would you mind if I print this off and show her? :wink:

    I'm going to stick with brufen and a bath and see how it goes. I was just a bit worried because it's only on the one side.

    T C
  7. You'll be fine. One day you'll stop using hair products, become a man, and join the forwards. Until then.....grin and bare it :)
  8. How many forwards do you know that are under 5'9? haha! I'm quick and handsome, 11 is where I belong!

    T C
  9. Quite a few hookers are smaller than that.
  10. I've just asked the dog and he says you have a terminal disease and will die within the next week. He also said you are a midget, and at your age should not be playing rugby.

    The reason you will die, so the dog tells me, is because you bleated on the internet about having a twinge, and 41000+ people think you are a complete fanny and should man up and either see a doctor or take brufen.

    Hope this helps.

    Yours aye, Dale and her clever dog xxxx
  11. I think your dog is my flat mate...

    I'm just asking because both their answers are pretty much identical! Thanks for the concern dale.

    T C