Hip ache when cold

I have had this pain in my leg for a while now. I thought this was something to do with my hamstring, but now ive narrowed it down to my right hip where it joins the leg.

The first 5 minutes of running is a dull ache, and on the warm down walk its painfull. Also just general walking it aches, getting out a car..etc

So im guessing if this eases with a few minutes jogging, is it a muscle problem?

I looked it up and found some side leg raises that strenghten the hip muscles. Giving them a try.

Anyone had the same problem, and what helped you overcome it?
Hi mate, how old are you? Can you put the joint through its full range of motion a few times before exercising, knee raise, right ankle up to the small of your back, stand on left leg, raise right outwards, doing this gets the joint lubricated and ready for action, probably wrong terminology, but thats how I understand it.

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