Hillwalking jacket part 2: Budget of £200 or so.


Apologies for starting a similar thread to one that's already running, but I didn't want to hijack the other one, and a question tagged on the end wouldn't get any views or replies.. and it's a different beast that I'm after.

Anyway, I'm after a new hillwalking jacket... I'm looking for something that is good for 3 season use. Ideally, I want something cosy, not just a rainproof layer, so it either has to be insulated or a "system" where it comes with a zip in layer. A wired hood is pretty much a must have. I'm the sort of buffoon that always seems to pick the wettest days to hit the hills.

My budget is about £200, but I can stretch to a bit more (£250 or so) if the kit warrants it.

I've generally liked kit from Berghaus and Sprayway (still have a sprayway goretex in use) in the past, but I'm more than willing to try another brand.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Some reviews here: http://www.livefortheoutdoors.com/Gear-Reviews/Search-Results/Accessories/Search-Results/?&N=197+592+29&Ns=P_Price|0

Very UK orientated advice and I'm not sure I like being encouraged to always buy the latest fashion or whichever fabric/colour is on-trend this season.

Have you considered soft-shell or Furtech/Paramo?
Goretex is so last season (oh balls, I've fallen for it myself haven't I :?: :!: :x )
Keela (a british manufacturer) make some very good gear, which get good write-ups. The Munro jacket is top notch, and will leave you with plenty of change. I have an early version of it an have never needed more than a base layer and microfleece under it, even in the middle of the Scottish winter, and in warmer weather, the zipped underarm vents keep me cool.


Mountain Equipment are a good brand and are really good for mountaineering and they are always best in test in TRAIL magazine ;)
Montane Extreme Jacket for under £100 and a waterproof from a Helly Hansen factory shop or somewhere for when it gets really nasty. Put the 2 together for ultimate warmth, but light waterproof will see you for summer. No point buying the 'fits together' stuff for ramblers - you pay extra for something you don't need.


get yourself a RAB jacket
eVENT is more breathable than GTX and still justas waterproof and then buy either a RAB wind stopper or softshell there you have it 3 layer system back it up with some Ice Breaker thermals and your set to hit the hills
From what id been reading, Paramo is the new way to go for that price range (ill hold off on my own opinion till i have used one later in the week). But whichever option you go get onto eBay, thats where i got my Vesco for £110. Ive seen Paramo Alt 2s (Heavy hill walking jacket, RRP £216) and Apiras (High mountain jacket, RRP £270) on there cheap. At the moment there is an Alta2 for £120 buy now, and Aspira for £165, also buy now, on eBay. Ive also seen a Mountain Equipment Changabang on for £170ish if i recall correctly.

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