Hillwalking Ideas Please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by IT_Guy, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. I'm going camping with my 13yo son next week before he turns into kevin the teenager, I thought I'd start off in the Lake District and continue the motion into Scotland, possible the Loch Lomond area due to ease of access.

    I'd like to build up his confidence by getting to the top of some good peaks so I was thinking of Helvellyn for starters, and other good walks?

    I'm not planning to stay in any one area more than 2 days.

    Any ideas of good circular walking areas would be appreciated.

  2. Helvellyn is a good one as long as he has a head for heights if you plan to go via Striding Edge, if not there are other routes around the ridge. From Patterdale at the end of Ullswater there is a nice round robin over to Haweswater and back again. Sca Fell from Dungeon Ghyll or any other of the starting points is a good walk. On the way to Scotland, some decent walks in the Cheviots, more barren and less touristy.
  3. If you're going for a week that's getting on 30 miles a day. Is the little blighter really going to be up to it? 8O
  4. try the Fairfield Horseshoe from Ambleside, very good walk which we did a few months ago.
  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    If you wanted to head the oposite direction then North Wales is great for walking, can't help with Scotland but I can with Wales if you are interested.

    Otherwise the Lake district is great, if it is still open then Blacksail Youth hostel always used to be a good place to stop at, although you will be lucky to get a room for the night it's in a great place.

  6. The Patterdale/Glenridding area is a good base and has some good circular walking routes.


    Type glenridding into the postcode box then go east west etc on the compass to search. Striding edge is a good intro. Took cadets over there several times.

    Not far from Ambleside so something to do if your goretex is overloaded.
  7. Wales could be an option if the weathers craap up north.

    No need for accommodation, got a tent.
  8. If you are coming up to Scotland the area around Callander , which is a few miles north of Stirling , has some very good walking. Ben Ledi and Ben Vorlich are not high but offer a good hike and some good views also there is alot of forrestry comm. walks in the area as well
  9. Is it reasonable to assume that if you are seeking ideas, it is not something the two of you have done before?

    He is now 13, but what is his level of fitness? His level of interest in this trip? His own level of ambition? The last thing you want to do is subject him to some Bataan Death March that will utterly turn him off this sort of activity for years to come/for ever.

    You could combine a walk with other transport. There is an open top bus through Borrowdale from Keswick. Or start Glenridding walk to Hartsop, up Hayeswater Gill and onto High Street (by the Knott), down High Street and off the top to Howtown, ferry back to Glenridding. Or try something based round the steam powered launch on Coniston. Or something based round the L'al Ratty steam railway in the Southern Lakes.

    You could do something history based - High Street again, or the roman fort at Hardknott, or Hadrian's Wall.

    Or wildlife: Nesting Golden Eagle in Riggindale (Haweswater); Ospreys at Bassenthwaite.

    Or for a mild but seemingly clifflike scrambling challenge, there is Jack's Rake on Pavey Ark, Langdale. Striding Edge, as has been mentioned, is also good.

    Whatever you choose, I hope it goes well, and is something you can continue to share in future years.
  10. Tryfan, and get him to do the Adam and Eve jump. He would feel a real sense of achievement. Or the Snowdon horseshoe, if he fancies a long walk.
  11. As well as possibly needing new undies!
  12. In the Lakes you could try from Borrowdale to Wasdale Head & back via Great Gable & Green Gable - it's fairly easy to work out a circular route via Honnister & Stonethwaite, roughly 20km or so. I think there is a Youth Hostel in Stonethwaite, so no problems with cheap accommodation.

    In Scotland you could always do all or part of the West Highland Way (starts south end of Loch Lomond & finishes at Fort William). The bit around Glen Coe & Rannoch Moor is outstanding. If you feeling bolder you could try the Aonach Eagach in Glen Coe, which is a good scramble along a steep ridge. Buachaille Etive Mor at the end of Glen Coe is another good walk/climb (depending on the route). Alternatively there is the Carn Mor Dearg arete which leads up to Ben Nevis, which is outstanding and a much more interesting way to get to the summit than the normal tourist path from Glen Nevis.

    Best of luck,

  13. We have walked before as a family but he (and I) was piised off with the women slowing us down - not this time! He is keen to get away camping again rather than lying on a spanish beach frying.

    I will be teaching him map reading this time and may even enlighten him on the arts of pacing and range estimation, the usual boys own stuff really.
  14. Grisedale Pike, near Keswick is a good introduction to fellwalking.
  15. I generally take my teenage son up Primrose Hill, then on the lash in Camden.
    That usually sorts the little sod out!