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Hilltrek Braemar Ventile windshirt for sale.

  • Thread starter Mark The Convict
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Mark The Convict

Size large, colour black, as new (worn 2-3 times) GBP 75 + postage from Aus. Payment via PayPal.
My new North Face thingy was half price at Blacks. Bargain at £72.

Shame it's still sat in the back of the car with my Barbour jacket and about another 5 coats.

I should really check my wardrobe for stuff before I start saying "But look how much I saved darling".

Mark The Convict

'And it comes with darling little authentic crocodile bloodstains, see?'
I bought a similar Ventile Windshirt from Hilltrek last year and now carry / wear it regularly for my trips into the Cheviots ...your offer looks like a real bargain but too late for me ... hope you get a sale .

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