Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cbr, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. cbr

    cbr Swinger

    Hello all,

    Just a quick (possibly stupid) question to anyone in the Northampton area....

    Are there any hilly locations to tab/run across in the Northampton area? Basically I've gone from Hereford which is surrounded by all sorts of cracking places to train, and i'm getting sick to death of running across flat ******* fields in every direction!

  2. Looks like its the multi storey car park for you sir.
  3. Depends how far you are willing to travel, so pleasant inclines around Dunstable, or the other option would be Royston arse end of the Chilterns or Aylesbury other end of the Chilterns.
  4. Bow BrickHill Woods, just outside Milton Keynes.
  5. Holland has more hills than Northampton!!!
  6. Look for a spot where the ground goes up and down. Happy to help.
  7. Possibly a bit far but still in Northamptonshire/Leicestershire borders area. Try the Jurassic Way which crosses the Welland Valley. It is inter-crossed by loads of different footpaths in and around Gretton across the valley to Morcott. The minor country roads that intersect the valley are always quiet. Failing that park your car in the Sondes Arms in Rockingham and run up and down Rockingham Hill.

    If you park your car in a small village called Harringworth you sit right in the middle of a large bowl. There are some excellent routes up to Wakerley Woods and through the small hamlets which surrounds it. Believe you and me it is far from flat.