Hillman Bunker

I am taking a party of Veterans to Normandy next week for various Remembrance Ceremonies.
We would like to see the Hillman Bunker Complex.
I believe it's between Colleville - Montgomery and Bieville - Beuville but cannot find the site on
any of my maps.
If i travel along the Rue de Suffolk Regiment, between Colleville - Montgomery and Bieville - Beuville will I find the site.
Kind Regards
Dave Ward
You will find the bunker on the Right side of the road leading Sourtth from Colevlille. This is a continuation of the road leading from the stature of Monty on the main road West from Ouestram.

At the entrance to Coleville Montgomery, you will see yellow signs saying "bunker hillman - bus" and white signs saying "bunker Hillman". If you are in a car you follow the road to the bunker.

If you are taking a bus you must follow the signs that direct you around the eastern edge of Coleville Monrtgomery. Be careful not to miss the turn back onto the road south from Coleville. If you fidn yourself at a fork in the road and a turnign area you have missed the turning.

Its worth investing in a 1:25,000 map of the area. This shows the bunkers very clearly.
Pteranadon, Many thanks, off tomorrow and with your help hopefully we will find the bunker.
I try to find one or two different sites to visit each year. It gets more difficult as the years go by.
and Thanks

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