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Hillbilly Housewife

I tried to post this in the hole as it is irrelevent but I stumbled across this website and post:

Homemade Sanitary Pads | Hillbilly Housewife

So this could be a thread of many outcomes:

1. What it the weirdest website you have found by searching for other things. (I was searching for an Xfiles programme I watched years ago and came across this one).

2. What other joys of hillbillyness and interbreading can be found on that website

3. Who can crayon responses to the genuine ideas?


4. Rawhide you dull cnut, and the thread dies a timely death unlike myself who should be drybummed by a roll of barbed wire and left to try and make home made sanitary pads to stem the bleeding (most likely)

I quite liked this insite into rural india as a comment on the device (read in an indian accent):

Indian Lady says: October 14, 2011 at 2:57 pm
Dear ladies….you will be surprised to hear that using home made cloth napkins is a regular practice here in India even NOW!!! and even this is affordable only for middle income (or richer) families. According to a recent study in India only 12 % women use sanitary napkins (the plastic ones as we get in supermarkets) or tampoons. Worst still in rural India women can not even afford cloths so they use things like ash, husk etc. and suffer innumerable health issues. Infact few non-profit organisations have started providing cheap, affordable and healthy napkins (same as you suggested here) to poor women at dirt cheap rates. I stumbled upon this blog while searching for some ideas on how to make cheap S. napkins for rural womens, one issue i feel strongly about. I would love to hear more ideas and also I myself am working towards making use of new technology (I am a scientist BTW) to make cheaper (remember in India and many other poor countries the meaning of cheap is very different than what it is in US) alternatives available.

So if RayC is still lurking around, stop wasting all our British donations on your military whilst your women are using fekn bark as a tampon because I am sick of getting splinters in my nob and tongue.

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