Hillary Clinton comments on Ang San Suu Kyi co-defendant

I was really interested when I saw this story.


As well as the burmese once again doing all they can to swerve democracy, but more for Hillary's comments on John Yettaw. Here is a man who has been FOUND GUILTY of a crime, which he knew he was committing. There is no way you accidentally swim across a lake in Burma.

To Quote:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Aung San Suu Kyi should not have been convicted, and she also called for the release of American citizen John Yettaw.

"We are concerned about the harsh sentence imposed on him, especially in light of his medical condition," she told reporters.

WHOAH there Hillary. Is this the same US that is insisting on the feckwit UFO eejit being dragged to the US for his trial when he is not even convicted, even though he is (medically proven and) quite clearly not a full shilling. Maybe his illness is somehow different from John Yettaws? If so, I am struggling to see it.

(By the way, I think he should be extradited, but I just feel that the US can't try and have it both ways)
I dont know about any of that, but I saw that Hillary Clinton woman on the news earlier on and she was in a right huff.
Suu Ki lives in Burma and knows exactly what is likely to happen to her if they can stick something on her. Hilary does not know that sort of pressure. Burma will care not a toss about sanctions; water off a ducks back to them. I have never understood why Suu stays there - bit of International pressure/bribery MIGHT get her out. From what I read she is unable to exert a lot of influence re her beliefs.
It's a Muslim country, so why don't they try her under sharia law and cut her head off? They could do her botty before and afterwards too. I'm sure they want to.

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