Hillary Clinton caught WALTING it up like a good un!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/foreign/tobyharnden/mar08/clintonsbosniaporkypie.htm


    I was near Tuzla at the time as were many ARRSER's and I don't recall any sniper targeting the 'First Lady' either, and I would have heard about it if it had happened.

    Any of you lot fail to report this attempted assassination on the wife of the President of the United States?

    Come on 'fess up

    Edited to add this link, the NT Times has a photo from the incident in question, there she is zig-zaging away...

  2. Judging from the US News today she has been caught bang to rights and guilty of bigging up her military credentials - not to mention the fact that she is apparently personally responsible for peace in NornIreland.
  3. Is "misspoke" American for "lying because I thought I would get away with it"
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  4. I have served in every conflict since time began...I have a chest full of medals....I am the head of the Secret Service....I am imortal....I believe in JPA...

    Oh sorry, I mispoke, silly me.
  5. I really do think that neither Hilary not Obama are fit for the Office.
    A few months ago a republican victory was unthinkable. It is now looking quite likely!
  6. You had me up till the JPA bollox.
  7. I remember the '95 visit well as I was in Belfast at the time. Now it all becomes clear - that visit to the shop on the Shankill Road was in fact a cover for a meeting with Jonnie "Mad Dog" Adair. Nice of him to give her a bag of apples as a present!
  8. LEGZ30 asked:
    There are important and subtle distinctions in our US dialect of English. When ordinary citizens tell untruths it is called "Lying" but if a politician dislikes the citizens lie it is called "Committing perjury".

    Politicians never say they lied, they say "I misspoke". If the politician is a Democrat the news media accepts this, if the politician is a Republican the mass media do not.

    It is very important to realize that leading members of the news media NEVER lie. If worse comes to worse they have been "mislead by a source". When Dan Rather led the CBS news for two days with forged documents discrediting Bush's military service (laser printed documents dated 1973 FFS) "That was a mistake" not a lie
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    A politician lie? a possible future American president lie?
    Good job my wah senses are working 100% you all most had me then :wink:
  10. I see Chelsey is also under fire in that picture. Must have been terrifying.
  11. Nice one, that made me laugh quite a bit!
  12. 'Misspoke' is in the Oxford Dictionary right next to 'blow job'. Maybe its a Clinton family thing, lets re-invent the English language.
  13. Certainly her recollections of her visit doesn't join up with the tv footage of the day.

    Almost on a par with our very own Jonathon Powell and his 'secret' missions into Derry..... stood outside Trinity Hotel, three men sent from Macker, convoluted car journey through the city, taken to a modern housing estate on the edge of the Bogside where he had tea and biccies with the man himself. No one knew about it ???? Well if you say so Jonathon....if you really say so. JP International Man of Mystery, yea right!
  14. Hi Alec,

    Are you on about this idiot? Wouldn't stand out tooooo much I suppose?

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