Hill Walking in Deutschland

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BoringUsername1, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. Howdy,

    I popped over to Germany the other weekend to see some friends and it occurred to me that it would be nice to do some walking in the area. It's mountainous and very picturesque, and I can always walk around with a shed load of weight to boot :D

    I tried flicking through maps but to be honest book shops were a little lightweight on them. Reading up on coordinate systems and things I was wondering what would be the most applicable, UTM in the 32U sector was on the map that I looked at. Then there appears to be Gauss Kruger? There also seems to be some reference to a Potsdam system but I can't find much info.

    I speak the lingo but trying to understand some of the info is tricky for my standard of language as it gets rapidly technical.

    Any suggestions or pointers are welcome.

    p.s. By the looks of the (admittedly only one) map I saw, we're spoiled for mapping data as this was a bag o shite.
  2. Ok, how about, what do toops in Germany use when on exercise?
  3. I've walked most of the Harz mountains, and used nothing more than the local maps that are normally readily available. They are also walked alot so the paths are easy to follow
  4. There's masses of info on hill walking in Germany, the Hitler Jugand just about invented it, Burgwandern, and theres loads of areas to do it in , I'm with Smudge about the Hartz its a very beutifull area, but the Bavarian Wald and the Alps in summer are brilliant ,and the Eiffel is pretty damn good too, as if you are a petrol head walker you can have a bash on the Nurburgring while you are there, I used Wittlich as a base last time and they had a massive pig fest while we were there, it was great
  5. What a gem that is, will pop along.

    Cheers :thumleft:
  6. If its naked Krauts your after go to one of the FKK places like the island of Sylt
  7. Try and find the "Ausweichsitz der Verfassungsorgane des Bundes im Krisen- und Verteidigungsfall zur Wahrung von deren Funktionstüchtigkeit [AdVB]" :)

    Though if you really want to know about hidden bunkers/factories etc etc then these guys would know.

  8. Hurrah! So I managed to get down to stanfords last night and wow, what a real gem that is. Nice to see it busy even in the last minutes of opening time last night. After surveying a few maps I concluded they didn't have the right one I was looking for. The chap was most helpful but it turns out it'll take several weeks to get the one I'm after he reckons. Nevermind, that'll be a purchase for Amazon but importantly when I have time I'll be back, I get the feeling my wallet is going to come out of that place lighter in the future and often.

    Cheers gents for all your help.

    p.s. Kompass of Austria 1:50000 series maps on UTM, job jobbed!
  9. Me and the Mrs have recently come back from Bavaria. did not do any walking as such, but its very picturesque especially around Berchersgarten area and a small house on top of a hill near Obersaltberg with good views called the Eagles Nest and one carefull owner!!

  10. Just got back from a 5 day hiking trip to Bavaria, spent a couple of days around Lake Konigsee & then onto Mittenwald..

    Excellent walking country, good well signed paths & spectacular views, loads of mountain huts to keep you refreshed..

    Basically what you expect from German efficiency.

    If you plan to use the train, go for the Bavaria ticket, 28 euro for upto 5 people on one ticket anywhere in Bavaria, fantastic value.

    I purchased a book before we went:


    To be honest, it was not needed, the paths & local Kompass maps were adequate.

    Just be mindful we were there the last week in May & still plenty of snow on the tops.

    Not to mention the beer & cake :D
  11. mmm, Kuchenbier :p
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Just an additional, if you have the chance, the Swiss mountains around Disentis and Andermatt - I am told plenty of Swiss bunker complexes to be found.
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  13. Woof - big thread resser session!

    I have a very soft spot for the Sothofen and Oberstdorf area as I spent a lot of time there back in the day.

    The REME chalet was in a small village called Gunzesried Sage and there was some cracking walking if you progressed further up the valley, into the summer pastures and then headed for the Austrian border.

    There was also tons of watersports to be had close by and you could easily get over to Bodensee.

    The Alps - home, for me.
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