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I'm very keen on sorting out a little hillwalking exped to Brecon this summer. It'll be a civvie thing, with hopefully between 4-8 people coming. I'd like to spend around a week there. I've done a little bit of digging about but if anyone could help me out with the below questions I'd be very thankfull!

1) Are there any really good books on the area for my purpose, rather than the usual "We have lots of lovely hills" panaphanalia?

2) I'd like to avoid camping on the first and last nights of the trek, does anyone know of any decent (cheapish) places to crash?

3) I'm not aware of what the camping restrictions are? Anybody in the know or have a link?

4) Anyone know any routes that ought not to be missed?

Cheers guys.
The most popular hills near Brecon are obviously Pen-y-fan, Corn Du and the Cribyn. Well worth a stomp up those, however my personal favourites are the Black Mountains which lie to the east of the Brecon Beacons (not the other Black Mountains which lie to the west). They are mainly long ridges which run roughly north/south. The websites below might be of some help. The best place to stay in the Black Mountains is the Abbey Hotel in Llanthony, its quite an experience negotiating spiral stair cases whilst under the influence. Unfortunately its not that cheap but there are alternatives, again see the website link below. Enjoy!





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Thanks for all the help. Looks like we'll be heading of in the 2nd week of August. Just hope my planning skills are good enough!

Am going up for a few days hill walking in the Brecons with a mate in a couple of weeks, so I'll post anything of interest and/or use when I get back. Managed to pick the weekend of the first England match so I hope those Welsh boys play ball and allow us to watch the match in the pub. I think the match starts at 3pm so we'll have to start early that day....pi$$ poor planning already! :roll:

Edited for swearing.
I must say I like traversing the whole of the national park area. It's do-able. Start at Llanddeausant (near Ammanford) and straight up Bannau Brycheiniog (aka Black Mountain or the Carmarthen Fan) then down Fan Hir onto the A4067. There's a great pub there which does nice grub and lets you camp in the field at the back. That's your starter for 10!

Seriously - check out http://www.breconbeaconsparksociety.org/psBeaconsWay.htm. The Brecon Beacons Park Society have dreamt up a 100-mile winding traverse. Realistically, you can straighten it out, cut off the boring end bits and cut it down quite a bit. Do it from Crickhowell to Llanddeusant or the other way round. I haven't measured it but I reckon it's about 60 miles. A nice few days with a wee bit of camping inbetween and a nice bed at either end.

A really good website for you is Wilderness Wales (http://www.wilderness-wales.co.uk). Good luck with the weather. If the weather is nice then the Brecons are absolutely beautiful. But then again I've never done any mad selection courses where you get thrashed up them!! :wink:
I did Pen Y Fan and Cribyn a few years ago and loved every minute of it! Did Ben Nevis earlier this month with the missus aswell as her intro to mountains and hills!!!! Loved it
If you find Beacons Resivoir car park, then you are in a good central position. From there you can head over the road and up towards Pen-y-fan either via the "motorway" which is a good path and is easy to navigate over.

Once on the fan id recommend lunch there, (wind allowing) at an estimate your looking at about 1-2 hours from start to this point. From here you can go towards fan-y-big and windy gap and take it some excellent sites views. Once up there you have several options and can make you way back to the start point in a big circle, so your not just going back on yourself.

Another option is to head up next to the reservoir from the start point towards fan-fawr. and maybe make your way over that side of the beacons. Point to note is that this side has less tracks and is boggyer and laden with "babys heads".

Hope this helps.

enjoy your time there, its a cracking place, although all the time i spent there was running about like a headless chicken trying to make timings. At least you can take in the views !!
ex_sigs said:
. From here you can go towards fan-y-big and windy gap and take it some excellent sites views.
If I didn't know the area I'd accuse you of making that up!!!

Good parking spot is the Strorey Arms centre - burger van on site means not many thieves as there are always people about. Good run straight up to Corn Du from there as well and you can go across to Pen-y-Fan and the Cribyn, drop down to the reservoirs for lunch. Afterwards, back up the other side and along the ridge towards Corn Du again, but peel left beforehand and drop down to the 'bottom' car park. Just a 5min walk back up the road to the Storey Arms and then drive into Brecon for a beer! (Although I normally go the other way towards Merthyr).
i just spent a week walking in the brecon beacons and it was great except that after 8 in the evening every eating establishment (except kebab shops and a chippy) stopped serving food or just didn't open and the service was so bad in one of the curry houses in brecon that we walked out after half an hour without being served. the following day we went to a cafe again in brecon and one of our party went down with food poisoning.
so my advice is go walking there as the routes and mountains are very good but make sure you take a stove and some rat packs
and before anyone local suggests it, no we weren't being a loud mouthy englishmen.

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