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Hello all,

hope i've chosen the correct place to post this. I'm currently training to join the Ta and need to do a bit of hill walking with bergen.

I've been going up to the Brecon Beacons which is great but I can't really afford the diesel so wondered if anyone could recommend something challenging in the London area. Up and down routes and so on. Failing that I suppose i could ask the shard but not sure it will bring on the running too much.

Thanks in advance.


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Two possible solutions:
(1) cheaper transport to Brecon Beacons / Peak District etc, by advance purchase of rail / bus ticket or car sharing eg www.liftshare.com.
(2) hillyish areas nearer London eg South Downs, North Downs; might still be worth investigating cheaper public transport tickest and / or liftsharing.
RLC Ramblers sounds quite appealing, do they have a Golden handshake bonus as well?
Thanks all, yeah I thought about London parks but thought I might look a bit odd with a 25kg bergen on my back, especially so close to the London Marathon. North downs i was trying out the other week but was a bit easy to be honest when you've just been up the fan. Just need to get creative with the routes I guess as Brotherton says. That or bike out to wales but that is desperate....


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Get the train from Euston to Tring, it's only about half an hour. Then beast yourself around Ashridge Forest, Pitstone Quarry, Dunstable Downs and Ivinghoe Beacon.
Why would you go to Brecon from London to train for the TA?

Even if you were going to join 'them' or similar surely 'they' would be able to give you the best advice.
If you are finding hill training to be getting a bit easy (I wish it did for me!) then do something else instead. The human body quickly adapts to strains placed upon it, so constantly changing your training programme will give better returns in overall fitness.
Plus stops it getting boring or stale.

(With the caveat that others have mentioned about training for somewhat specialist units).
Sincere thanks to all, had a look at some of the area's you suggested and last weekend went and did a nice 26 miler (LDWAsurrey). The 35kg Bergen slowed me down but not as much as the Navigation so a good shout there to brush up on the skills. I was starting to wish to be back home in North York Moors, but then I wouldn't really need the nav skills. Will try Tring this weekend as not too far from the missus.

Thanks again all.

Now if you can tell me how to stop my Knee's exploding i'll get the brews in.

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