Hill sprints

With hill sprints, are these good for fat loss too, or is it mainly fitness? I think Joe Calzaghe was a big user of hill training, and I'm just wondering if they can be used every day or is it something to be done once in a while. Cheers
Depends on loads of variables

Incline of slopey thing you're running up
Distance of sprints
Repetitions and rest in between
Effort - Heart Rate during, recover period
Weighted resistance
Friction resistance
Current fitness level
Other Training

You'd be better off asking someone who is qualified and can assess your fitness rather than some fat TA mong on here. :) Have a search on the fitness

Health and Fitness
If you're going for CV fitness, I'd recommend 5 - 6 reps of a hill that is about 300m long, no more than 10m height gain. Interval 1 should be run at the same pace as interval 5/6. Rest by walking back to your starting position, and immediately start running again. Interval training is hard, but it isn't supposed to kill you - the moment you can't maintain your pace, stop training.

I'd do this no more than twice a week, with at least 48 hours between reps. Add in a long, slow run (5 - 8 miles, comfy pace) and if you really want, a short sprint interval session. Give it 3 months or so, and you'll be racing the butcher's dog....

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