Hill Running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panic-in-Detroit, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. Was reading an article on running up hills, and it was advising to tilt the hips round slightly. This in turn, turns the feet in, so you in effect run up slightly sideways. It was stating that this takes the pressure off the achilles and makes the run easier.

    Has anyone tried this or any experience of this technique?
  2. Try the "park drive" method.
  3. Never had a problem with hills so far, thats with normal running technique.

    I find it harder runnind down hill....
  4. Especially on the joints if you're trying to keep your speed consistant
  5. Your right, if i speed up down hill it throws my technique all over the place and end up doing inspector gadget on springs impression, im sure thats not good for the joints.......
  6. Why would you want to make the run easier? Apart from the obvious CV endurance and strength benefits, running uphill forces you onto your toes hence makes you use your quads in a way that running on the flat doesn't. Running sideways would twist your back, put lateral pressure on your knees and throw you off balance, I could only see this working if you switched from side to side regularly. It might be worthwhile if you were trying to train round an Achilles issue.
  7. get yourself on p company mucker, you'll have some problems with them then i promise!

    i think it is suggesting running at an angle to the slope. obviously we should all have heard of this when tabbing up heinious hills, going up diagonally obviously has the effect of reducing the grandient thus tiring you less, so it seems to be a development of this way of thinking.

    correct me if im wrong though, but the idea of hills is to develop fitness, so making it easier is going in the wrong direction.