Reeeeeeet then folks, for those about to reminisce, I salute you.

This thread is for all us old farts who served in the frontest of front lines in good ol' BAOR. If you knew of Dickie's bar, Dave's bar, Coupe 17, Rainbows, "Tofrek Kaserne bitte", the Korea Bell, Himmelstur and served in either 651, 652 or 661 anytime from about 1981 to 1993...this is the post for you.

Well, let me kick things off. As a proud member of the Baby-Scaring Chosen Few of 652, one thing that I remember is taking the Squadron keys back up to the Ops room after a Friday happy hour in the bar. As any groundie will know, the distance from '52 up to the Regt was about 23 miles, so walking was out of the question quite frankly. Luckily, we had a perfectly good tractor called 'Armageddon' which given a drunk Air Trooper and a pan clear of cabs could be fired up to about 40mph. One evening I had the honour of taking the keys back after a skinful of Becks and decided to take the Yellow Taxi. Now unknown to me, the MT boys had replaced the inner tube earlier that day, but not in a good way. Frankly, they'd done the sort of job that a crack-riddled Chav at Kwik-Fit would've been ashamed of...the f**king thing had a massive lump in the right hand rear tyre and gave a two foot vertical bounce with every revolution. Did that stop me going as fast as I could down the pan? Did it f**k. I floored the beast and as I passed 651 I started to take on the same facial expressions as those astronauts in the G-simulators.... no pain, no gain...keep going, keep going.... nearly there....

It was at this point that things started to go wrong...remember the start of the Six Million Dollar Man when he crashes and they have to rebuild him? It was nothing like that, but a couple of things fell off the tractor and I had to stop to pick them up, at which point the duty driver came out in his Lanny to see if I was ok. The stench of beer and my apparent confusion lead him to the correct assumption that I was ar$eoled, so he parked the tractor and drove me back to block...thus saving me from a possible spot of bother from the duty NCO when having to explain why I'd left bits of tractor all the way up the pan.
We definately know each other then cos I was there from 81 to 93 give or take a couple of short tours


Not the suspiciously effeminate Dickie?

The one that got a commission and ended up in Dishforth in the early '90's?

Or am I thinking of someone else?


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Thought Dickie was the barman?

I was there 1989 - 91 when old 4.5 fingers was the razzman and whispering Ron was the scaring the life out of the guard, in his own special way. Anyone play football for the regt at that time, remember coming back from op Banner to play in the Army cup (BAOR) semi final!!!!!
I was there from the end of 79 till about the summer of 81. HQSqn first then 661. Then went to Soest. Spud (not that I would have called it to his face) was SSM 651, he was also RSM at Soest when I got there. He organised a Hang Gliding course from Hildesheim, a week staying at the old Para battle camp in Brecon and learning to hang glide with a civvy club. Don't supose anyone else here remembers it or took part.

About the only place I remember, these days, with any clarity, is Hoffmans, by the station. Curry wurse and chips at 5 in the morning after a night on the lash.
5 Reg next door to bear corps!! Nights at the Bebop dodging the town patrol because it was out of bounds,what a gaff,the Party Club on the way into town(owner's fit daughter!) was a good posting.
Dickie was the barman, and in a former life was the SWO of the then RAF Gutersloh. When we all moved to the "land of milk and honey" Dickie was over the moon. Didn't last too long though. In the AAC finest 'traditions' (or is that habits) they found a crappy place for him to try and set up a Regt bar, and it never really took off. His wife died whist we were at the banana and so he moved on with what he thought was 'his family', I suppose he should have known better.
Going to the Maple Leaf reunion next month and so should find out more.
" effeminate Dickie?

The one that got a commission and ended up in Dishforth in the early '90's?"

Shirley ya means ? but no names.
PM if ya needs info
I was there 88-95 had an awesome time, where did all my money go? Who else had a mad bear living in the accomodation?? Went out, spent all your money, got you into a scrap, trashed your room on it's return, and then shit in your mouth leaving the most rancid taste in the morning!!!
Rod924, I was the keeper,28 Eng Regt went on to win the cup. We should have had a pen in the first 10 mins, but the ref bottled it.We had a good team until Saddam spoiled it.???
Glad to see there are still a few baby scarers out there. Another great memory of 52 was being presented with the Brass Frog template in the squadron bar, then having to cut out hundreds of frogs every time the squadron went on exercise and looking forward to passing the job onto the next nig to arrive.

About time there was another 652 reunion.
I spent sadly only around 6 months in Hildesheim, as I got there not long before the move. I was 652 LAD in the main during my time in 1 Regt.

Dickie was the short change expert if I remember correctly!
The good old days!

My memories of the Bannana?

Reggy runs on the Galgenberg, Himulsthur Ranges, Daves bar for a curry wurst and chips (or compo sausages supplied from a certain Full Screw from the baby scarers to the owner, who was consequently his sister in law)! The Plla bar, Dickys bar and his short changing! Walking about 30 miles to the hanger from the singlies block! Stagging on when 1 RTR reaped havoc on Cambria day! A mad ex para aircrewman from 661 giving Shakespere perfomances whilst pissed up in the NAFFI.

Also the sports days! The infamous Hildeshiem olympics! I got dicked to do the pole vault, which was two gazelle poles with some harry black holding them together!

But the best memory was watching Co-Co as the RSM trying to do drill (or anything for that matter)! An absolute cluster of a man who provided great amusment.

I served with 651, 661 and HQ between 1987 and 1991. great times..............................................
was ther 89 to 91 in the workshop, sorry I was a tech!
Am still living in the area, but nowadays I can choose what clothes I put on,and I can dress myself!
I served in Hildesheim with 652 (83-84), 661 (86-89), 651 (89-92), HQ Sqn (92-94)...Some of you who attended the Annual Inter-Squadron Swimming Competition at the Himmelsthur pool may remember me getting my skull cracked open by my OC’s knee during a changeover in the Chain of Command race and collecting the trophy complete with 1st field dressing holding my head together. Picture was shown in the AAC Journal as well - how embarrassing....!

Someone mentioned Galgenburg runs, do you recall a certain RSM, already mentioned, jogging backwards in front of the Regiment and cracking his head on the wing mirror of a Bedford. And talking about the Galgenburg, what about the annual ‘bobsleigh’ competition held up there. I have great memories of the place and I also had the great honour of being one of the last to leave the place, I was working for the Rottweiller at the time.

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