Hildesheim revisited and rezapped.

Just returned from a visit to the old Banana, with four other friends all of who served in The Handsome Sqn between roughly 86-90.
Had a good mooch around Tofrek Caserne, the place is almost unrecognizable now, it's a big industrial park now, the guard room is now a dentist, the MP's place is a Thai restaurant. My old block is now owned by an Engineering firm, they were nice enough to let us get our photos taken on the balcony.
You can't get near the hangars as they have all been fenced off as separate businesses, there's a Renault garage operating out of our old Sultan bay!
We couldn't really get close enough to confirm but it looks like the CO's office is now being used as a Taxi office.

The town centre has changed loads too, the old Markt Platz has been redeveloped sympathetically and it looks absolutely amazing, really stunning buildings.
Most of the old bars were still exactly the same, Dave's Bar has gone, the Pille is now more of a restaurant, the Knuff is still there and still smells like a 5hit smugglers duffle coat. We spent most of the time in the Cafe Brazil and a pub called the outback, which is on the corner next to the Cafe Brazil (can’t remember what it used to be called).

We talked to lots of people and they seemed really pleased that we'd made the effort to come back and visit after nearly 15 years.

Went up to visit Andy Beck's grave in Hannover on the Saturday, I was really glad to have the chance to visit and pay my respects.

Also rezapped the town again with hundreds of lovely frogs :p :p

All in all a fantastic long weekend with a brilliant bunch of blokes, I would definitely recommend a revisit if you've got the time.
Is the crocodile still in the lake?

Is the crap night club still on the hill, and what about the Coupe 17?
Qman, not sure about the croc, didn't go up to any nightclub ( in fact i don't remember any night club on the hill, was that the one out Himmelsthur way?). The Coupe 17 is still there although it's called something else ( Cafe Bacchus i think), i'll try and get some photos up when i get them back.
BTW, when were you there?
Me and the missus were just talking about going back there the other night, I'd rather go with some of the lads though, had some cracking nights out there, before marriage.Loved the place.
My Liver Function Test results were rather high though.

Yours Aye
Medic attached 1 Regt. :) :) :)
Issy - Q Man and Chokin - I probably know you all as I was there from 1981 to 1993 with a couple of tours away in between. God How I missed the banana once we moved to guttersparts. The Hippy Disco on the hill's name is lost unfortunately. But The Pille Bar and daves Bar, God those were the days. Will have to drink to that now. Just sunnin myself in Gran canaria right now. GOOD HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi TW, I worked in that place with a big red cross on the wall. Loved Hilldenbannana, Gutt was OK, but had a better life inHB.Now living in Liverpool, bought an old army house for a pittance, now worth 200,000.
The only good thing the Army ever done for me. Did enjoy working with the budgies though.Speak to you again.
:cry: :cry: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Nice one Bish,

Should have mentioned 1RTR, best scousers i've ever met!!
No problems Issimondias.

I am ex-3reg when we were at Soest in the mid - 80s. I've been back to Germany a few times on business since I left the forces but I've never manged to get back to Soest. Perhaps I'll make an effort next year to visit the town and camp.

All the best
Remember being Guard Commander in the banana guardroom and changing all the german phrases just inside the little pass check window. A Reme on 2ic was doing the checks in a morning when a contractor came to the window. Didnt look much pissed off when the reme blurted out in his best accent
"Hallo du arschloch"
Laugh.........I nearly flashed my fags.
Thats really funny Warden.

Does anyone know what happened to the our airfield and camp at Soest. Is the camp even still there ? It needed a lick of paint 20 years ago !

Soest was sold off (airfield) and became a commercial site , the camp housed refugees from East Germany.
I spent some time at both H and Soest, not that I remember much due to booze abuse.
Thanks for the update Jackstall.

My time at Soest was also spent in a booze haze. Not much change from now really, old habits die hard.

As far as I am aware, (2 yrs ago) Soest airfield is used by the local flying club and the AAC hangars part of the airfield, is used of all things, as a Warsteiner depot.
The camp was flattened for development., apart from the church across the road. don't know if it's still there.




Anyone got any pics of the old banana?

Spent my formative years there being thrown out of windows in shopping trolleys and drinking my own body weight. What a place, is Coupe 17 still going?
Ginge, Coupe 17 is still there albeit under a new name, Cafe Bacchus, if memory serves me right.
I'm waiting for copies of some photos we took in September, once i get them i'll stick a few in the gallery( if my luddite brain can work out how to do it)
Had a cracking night with Ginge and some of the 661 crew in Lollypops in Sarstedt, late 80's. Ended with a fast exit due to sticking the nut on some turk for picking on one of the lads. Dropped like a sack he did. Didn't even hurt my forehead.

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