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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by QinetiQ, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know where i can get good boots (civi) and not pay over the odds?
    any help would be appreciated.
  2. You won't be ripped off/fobbed off by Taunton Leisure, who offer a 10% MOD discount.
  3. "Blacks'" Outdoor Shop do one of the biggest ranges I've seen. They'll let you try boots until you're satisfied.
  4. if you can you'll be better of going to an independant retailer, they usually sell a greater range of kit - Scarpa and La Sportiva boots are built on a southern European foot shape rather than a British foot shape, Meindl and Raichle are built on a northern european shape and Hi-Tec are built around something vaguely foot shaped but of indeterminate source...

    i would seriously reccomend saving up the pennies and then getting to Ambleside and Keswick, both towns have 5 or 6 decent retailers who carry a wide range of stock and you'll be able to mooch about getting the boot that fits at the best price.

    Fishers, Neddlesport, Rathbones and Outside in Keswick come well reccommended, as do the Climbers Shop, Rock and Run, Gainers and Stewartsons in Ambleside.

    most of these 'serious' shops won't do forces discount - they subsidise the local MRT's - but if you're buying a high quality boot you'll be paying at least £90 anyway and they'll last you years. theres no point you buying a boot based on price anyway, the one that fits best is the one you should buy - anything else is a waste of money as you'll throw them away in a few weeks.

    Blacks staff often have very little training and no experience and Field and Trek - while one of the better chains - have gone into administration and closed half their stores with no warning to the staff. they turned up on monday morning to find the shops empty of stock and locked with a note on the inside of the window telling the ex-staff where to get their P45's.

  5. i personally recomend the berghouse explorer 4 comes in blue or black :lol:

    millets sell them for £79.99 and if you wave an mod card at them you'll get 10 % off so it'll cost £71.99 or something.
    there the best seller of millets and even i've got a pair! :wink:
  6. if you are anywhere near Arundel, Sussex - Pedlars expedition outfitters have a specialist 'below the knee' store and their staff are all 'outdoor pursuit people' and full of useful info.
  7. Just when and where and how often are you planning to use them?
  8. Hi Qinetiq,

    I buy a fair bit of Hiking equipment, and these are the discounts I know of to HM Forces-
    Snow and Rock- No discount
    Tauntan Liesure -10%
    Cotswold camping- 10% (more if Bulk purchase)
    Blacks - 10%
    Millets- 10%
    Field and Trek - 10%
    Karrimor - 10%
    Mountain Equipment - 30% if you contact them direct or at least used to be
    www.peglers.co.uk - 20%.If they do not stock the item you are after they will order it for you.

    Hope this helps
  9. Hi Qinetiq,

    I forgot to mention Cotswold take BFPO orders which means you do not pay Tax which saves you 27% inc discount!

  10. cheers all thats great!!!