hiking/camping & expedition skills colthing is this walting?


would it be warm enough to wear a rip-stop jacket with just a hoodie (not chav one by the way) and a top under? or should i wear thermal shirt with it...? (prob be best to pack one though)

and should i wear some long-johns under my soldier95 trousers?

would you say that buying and wearing soldier 95 trousers and jacket for hiking/camping and expedition skills which will very little in-class work and out side... (module starts after easter)...
is this walting or just pratical? :roll:
If it's comfy and does the job then wear it.

If, on the other hand, you have a ski mask and a airsoft 'rifle' with you then walting it is....
its not really walting, but its not really practical.

CS95 is mainly cotton, it soaks up sweat and when it gets wet it stays wet.

try finding civvy outdoor kit made from cotton...

the ideal baselayer is merino wool, pricy but well worth it, not only does it wick moisture away from the body, it doesn't stink like prescotts armpits after four or five days. berghaus, helly hanson and patagonia make decent synthetic baselyers, but they won't be as 'social' after a week, though i wouldn't touch Highlander or their ilk with a burning stick. military stuff i would use while camping/walking would be the waterproofs, the sleeping-bag (if i didn't have to carry it), the jumper or fleeces and the boots - if i had no others.

the rest i wouldn't go near.
Comabt 95 stuff is cheap garbage steer away from it mate.

Problem with long jongs apart from the fact they make you look a complete twat and an extra from the Waltons once their on and youu get too hot then you have to hold up the whole world and their dog while you take them off buy some decent wind proof truosers and you should be sorted. You'll find your legs dont really get that cold when your walking but have a spare pair to change into once you make camp

As for the upper part dress in loose light layers that way you can ventilate properly
work up to it, do not try and do huge distances straight away
keep your feet cared for before and after, and if you get the chance get your boots off if stopping for more than half hour and change socks
buy some base layer socks too, help your feet breath
go to a decent running shop and buy some 100 mile socks to wear under your wool socks and believe me money spent on good boots is money never wasted. If you have £200 to spend on your kit then spend £150 on your boots and the £50 on the rest!!

At risk of starting a fight i wouldnt take your boots off too often as you run the risk of your feet swelling up and you not being able to get your boots on!


iv got boots, i have already spent a week at 'army taste of life' with college and a day walking in them, when we got them they where ment ot be 'army issuse' but every man and his goat selling anything that looks anything like a army boot will say they are army issuse... (maybe in the 1980's...
sock wise im thinking some talcum powder on the feet with thin socks with thick socks over the top...

the boots are a b!tch to take off, have to undo half the laces to get my foot out and in... so they staying on untill im either changing into my trainers or hitting the sack...
dont talcum powder your feet before as all that happens is when your feet sweat the powder clumps up and instead of stopping blisters it causes them, cotton and wool socks will wick the moisture away from your feet. At the end of your yomp give your feet a good airing and powdering and buy sandals instead of taking trainers that way if you get blisters you can mooch round letting them get some fresh air and start to dry out rather than stuffing them in trainers.

Obviously if you wearing sandals forego the socks!!!

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