Hiking - Bavarian Alps

Flights booked into Munich at the end of May.

Me & a mate intend walking in the Alps, camping in 1 man tents, carrying what we need for 5 days.

I know the area around Bad Reichenall, Berchestgarden, Konigsee & this would be my first thought as a starting point.

The intention is to camp out each night, probably in towns as opposed to the mountain huts.

Really just after sound advice, tips, routes etc.

I have also considered the Allgau as an alternative, around Oberstorf/Sonthofen/nesselwang etc, but have not been there for 25 years (snow queen). :lol: :(

Any advice appreciated.
sounds like fun. never did a continuous 5 day hike around the area, but did enjoy day mountain climbs/hikes in austria, near innsbruck/tyrol. i stayed in a hotel and never really planned any routes, with the intention of flying by the seat of my pants :D turns out that there was little interest from the other guests, so the group was quite small. anyway, walking sticks were very useful (never used them previously). other hikers were bavarians who were fond of bringing their own tipple and snacks for breaks to enjoy the scenery with. ensure that you have enough water with you. i did this in august, so the weather was a bit warm, and it gets hot especially after a long arduous hike. you really cannot go wrong. the views are stunning and one trail leads to another. what i typically do, specially if i have plenty of time to plan, is go to the country's website and request for a brochure. here's the site if you're interested. good luck!

I live near the Alps. (have been here 20 years)
I hike also on 5 day trips, with Bergen and basher.
Tip = reach Garmisch- Partenkirchen as arrival point. Just over the border in Austria is a closed valley with the villages of Ehrwald and Lermoos. Use one of these as your firm base and move from there.
There are loads of trips at all heights and grades.
This way you can choose daily, how long to move for.
There are enough campsites, but you can camp wild, if its not private ground,you are not loud and take your rubbish with you.
Only making fires is forbidden, I still use Hexemine or GAZ.
When your pushed ask a farmer, he will normally allow one night.
Carry at least 4 liters of water, many underestimate what you burn in snowy terrain.
Pack your kit to function and not to luxury.
Be prepared for deep snow above the treeline.(even in summer)
Sometimes the snow is down all year round and always till the end of April.
That means good boots and snow gaiters.
Use a single, robust ski-stick for hiking (not norwegian walking !)
Hike in a light windproof and put your thick anorak on, when you stop.
Establish an emergency telephone link at your firm base, if you are doing particularly high or long tours.
(the number of the local Bergwacht is enough)
Get a local hiking map. they always have more tracks than any other one.
Don`t trust a Sat navi in the mountains !
It will give you your position, but they are no roads.
I move with my small kids and have never had difficulties.
Hope this helps
PM me if necessary
Essential for any hiking trip:

Cheers to you all for the replies, Orange L, yours sounds like a plan.

I'll have a scout around t'internet for the places mentioned & pm if necessary.


Mistersoft, already rehearsing!!!
Crypto...........sorry.........I go downhill skiing in May (near a well known hiking trail)
You must have been to different mountains than the Alps
(there are 50 pimples over 2000m !)
The height level for "Fern" snow (thats the robust, frozen stuff that can cut skin easily) is about 1800 and you will find a lot along the trails to the Hostels in May.
I am state registered Ski Teacher (German & Austrian) done that on my demob course. That was 40 years ago, but I am still teaching at 64.
There is always a bedspace here for any ex Squaddie who is round this way, and is a skier.
Well that buggered my PERSEC !

OK...........I`ll get my coat........

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