Hijacked by the thought police

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chevez, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. I see that the "what doesn't offend muslims" blog has been pulled by the thought police.

    I was enjoying that. there was some really whitty replies


    thanks to all that commented - hooped. mk
  2. Question for you, if I close my eyes and count to ten what are the chances of this post still being here when I open them?
  3. Abrakcfuckindabbra

  4. I was going to ask why by email to one of the CO's but seeing as you've asked.....

    .....any MOD going to fess up and at least give a reason?
  5. I'll hazzard a guess that offering to blow up small children had something to do with it!
  6. Never saw that one.......... but I don't see why that would have it pulled.
  7. Same as the NHS and the Foreigners got pulled i suppose. Looks like we're not allowed to upset the johnny foreigner on arrse either :roll:
  8. This site gets on my fucking tits at times.
  9. As the site becomes more commercial it becomes less contriversal (sp?)

    The CO's will say if you don't like it sod off.
  10. In their defence, if the journo's got hold of that thread, the backlash on arrse as a website would be detrimental to all users. Don't particularly agree with it but suppose they're watching there arrses.
  11. Just about any thread in the NAAFI would do what you suggest above.
  12. Some maybe, but not the majority. With the current climate of all things muslim, think they may just be watchinh their backs. Like i said, i personally think it should still be up, but like to hear what the mod's say first.
  13. I guess in the hands of the PC brigade it could be deemed as inciting Racial hatred, funny that as a few of the comments were based around such types.

    Forces humour not for general consumption me thinks.
  14. Thats maybe because forces humour is what "British humour" used to be before we all became too scared to laugh at anything in case someone found it to be offensive. It's a sad sad country we live in nowadays.
  15. Cant we call them stills and start a thread slagging them....after all, we called the bennys stills after they complained!!! :D