Hijacked bus in Manila- How not to storm a bus

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shortarms, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Its a bus, it has windows, surely they can see with a pair of Bino's if hostages are dead, and surely one of those highly trained marksman types with one of those rounds which shatters on impact could deliver swift judgement to him with minimal risk to anyone else?
  2. Didn't leave himself many bargaining chips then, did he?
  3. They tried five different entry points and they still havent got in. They really could not have fucked this up any more if they tried.
  4. Metro Manila police still have no real details on what has happened, try watching CNN not listening to the crap that Sky are producing. Situation is confused, and they are confirming that the kidnapper was shot in the head by one of the police at the scene.
  5. The chap in question lost his job as a Cop due to concerns that he was an insider selling drugs back to dope-dealers. Obviously the best way to get reselected for the force in Manila is to hold a variety of tourists hostage and claim that they've all been shot.

    Funnier still, HIS BROTHER is still in the force and has only managed to get him to move his execution time back by half an hour, without securing the release of any hostages or their safety. Bravo, officer, bravo!
  6. I'm in no way an expert, and hate to be an armchair general but...What about a few 6ft ladders? or fiber optic cameras for a quick look, a hooligan tool, stun grenades, shaped charge on the door?

    Most of that seems to be part of hostage rescue 101?
  7. Ever the master of understatement, the HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang said, "The way it was handled, particularly the outcome, I find disappointing". Which is his way of chucking his chair at them.

    I think life's going to be a bit exciting for any Filipino working in Hong Kong for the next few days.
  8. Excellent use of assault ladders to reach the windows, oh no hang on, excellent distraction prior to assault, oh no hang on. This goes to show that failure to plan is planning to fail. A perfect assault may not have changed the outcome but we will never know now.
  9. It would make a good training aid....How not to do it.
  10. & the chap who placed the shaped charge/distraction device is off camera trying to put his eyeballs back in !
  11. I watched it earlier, took one guy 5 swings with a sledgehammer to put a window in. Seriously need to get a hostage rescue book out of the library and research.

    Took them longer to put the ******* window in than it took "them" to secure the embassy.