Hi all,

A question in relation to my cousin.
He is the same age as me and is currently applying to go to Harrogate to join the Mercians. However he is very short for his age at about 5" 2/3'

He is worried that he will get picked on by the bigger guys at AFC. I have told him that if he has problems then he will probably be able to talk to his section Corporal or an instructor however he is still worried.

As he has no internet at the moment for some reason (he is in Worcester), I promised him I would ask on this forums.

Are his worries reasonable or is bullying very sparse? What should he do if confronted by a bully?


Bullying does not exist in the Army.

He is likely to encounter some flack for being a shortarse but it is how he deals with it that will determine his ultimate fate. If he is good humoured and takes it in his stride he will do well.

In any case, most kids joining these days weigh about 9 stone soaking wet.
I'm 6ft3 and I've applied for Harrogate,If I saw him I wouldn't say shit...

Everyone eats the same food,breathes the same air and does the same exercise.So for one person to bully another,would be for them to bully everyone..As well will all be in the same boat.
I myself went to Harrogate in 1999, turned up as a spotty skinny kid with braces. I expected pretty much the same as your cousin is now, but nothing happened. OK, you get a bit of banter aimed your way, but nothing at all malicious. As Dog-faced-soldier said before, bullying is NOT permitted in any way in the Army today. In the (extremely) unlikely event there is a bully in the ranks, he will be dealt with and disciplined, possibly booted out. The training staff are experienced enough to spot any problems with their sections, and will under no circumstance tolerate any bullying whatsoever.
Don't forget, the kids that will be in training with him will all be the same age, all different looking people. Everyone is at the same starting block, wide eyed and nervous in the change of environment.

To summarise, he will have no problems as to being bullied for his height.
Wish him luck from me for his application going well!
Taking the mick or ribbing him for his height, is nothing new, any squaddie who cant take a bit of banter shouldnt have joined.
You will find if theres a ginga ninja or a chubby lad or a slightly effeminate household cavalry lad, they will all get stick.
Its part of the character building side of life within the forces, just tell him to take it on the chin and get on with it.
Bullying as such, as you would get in school just doesnt happen, not anymore anyway, that was a thing of the 70's and 80's.
You will always get a ******** who thinks hes the dogs, who will try it on, but generally the rest of the platoon/section will sort it out if it ever went further than just banter.

Just call him stumpy and tell him to expect that to be his nickname throughout his career, and he will be fine.
Mazur_UK said:
Hi all,

A question in relation to my cousin.
He is the same age as me and is currently applying to go to Harrogate to join the Mercians. However he is very short for his age at about 5" 2/3'

just to let you know I am 5'2" as well I am a SNCO and its never held me back, Just tell himdos not matter how big or tall they ar a quick kick in the balls always helps!!!

Thanks for all the replys so far guys.

I'm sure that they will ease his mind somewhat.

He should be able to talk it all in his (rather small :wink: ) stride.


At my ADSC day their was one very cocky little poop there, and he was giving back chat to the staff and our team, but we just put up with it. But at the end of the two days the lad got his cummupings at the train station.

So unless your cousin is a cocky little poop, he should be alright :D
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