hight restriction for joining

hi i'm looking for some advice for a friend, he went to join up the minimum height is 148cm he came in at 147.5 and was refused, can you appeal this? I understand if you were a couple of inches short but can you really be refused for .5?? Any information would be appreciated thanks
Short people look silly in uniform that's why there are rules.
Yeah, sorry, which service are you hoping to join? Sorry, I meant "your mate"


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Why not try the airforce?

They allow all manner of freaks, spastics and physically deformed creatures to darken their door.
Seems pretty harsh agreed, but if it is set at 148cm then 148 it is. Thick insoles maybe?
Ask if the AFCO have one of these out the back, and can you have a go on it?:



Looking at some of the TA RLC "soldiers" about, I would think that a malformed body brought about by Victorian levels of malnutrition would be an advantage.
Don't bother appealing. If he's too short, he's too short. You have to draw the line somewhere, otherwise everyone will appeal.

By the way, how old is 'your mate'? If he's only 17-18, he might well have a bit of growth left in him. Otherwise just grow a thick mop of hair on top of your head and re-apply, or wear really thick socks. And stand up properly tall when measured.

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