Highly visible Poppies in Oldam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by purplegunner, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Nice one Purple.Probably rain and spoil it though!
  2. Well done Oldham, I'm surprised the PC brigade aren't condeming it... yet!
  3. Your right, It`s already started peeing down........!!
  4. News to me and I live in Oldham. I see have a look on my way home, and yes its slinging it down.
  5. Well done Oldham Council

  6. The people of Oldham seem to have a range of views on the subject. One common point being, would it not have been more effective to just donate the money spent to the Legion. I would like to think that the results of the exposure had been weighed up against this before they signed the cheque.
  7. Nice one. Plymouth has done similar:

  8. Nice one Spaz, obviously the whingers are out in force already.
  9. Wow, that is impressive. Anthing that raises the profile of the cause is money well spent in my book.
  10. Incredible isnt it?

    HMG yesterday said they were going to piss away another 30 BILLION pounds away on the banks and not a peep.

    A council decides to do something,albeit transient,for the troops and the moaning comences.

    I suppose it just goes to show that 25k is a sum of money that people can understand,while the billions of pounds in debt being foisted onto us taxpayers is just too much for some people to comprehend.
  11. Sefton Council have placed two mahoooosive poppies on their Bootle Town Hall and Southport Town Hall.

    They look fantastic
  12. Cardiff Council have decorated trees and lamp-posts in the city centre with poppies.