Highly visible Poppies in Oldam

News to me and I live in Oldham. I see have a look on my way home, and yes its slinging it down.
buryfc66 said:
Well done Oldham, I'm surprised the PC brigade aren't condeming it... yet!


By Ultravox80 @ 05/11/2009 13:21:27

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£25,000 ? Thats just far too much money, and while it's a worthy cause I'm sure that the money would be better spent making a donation direct. I've always thought that the Liberals were the most supportive of Green issues, but how much power is this going to consume?
A waste of money and a waste of energy, both of which could be better used.

By Flake @ 05/11/2009 13:46:55

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civic pride?? where? A projected image on one of the ugliest buildings in greater manchester?
and at a staggeringly expensive cost of £25000! thats £5000 per night! on what??
what i want to know is who is paying for this? i wonder if it's us the tax payer yet again?
yet again this council wastes large amounts of money on temporary things! i'd have rather they just pay the money to the poppy appeal directly!

By fedupoldhamer @ 05/11/2009 14:17:14

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Please don't get me wrong, I think the display is wonderful, BUT couldn't the £25,000.00 have been donated instead of projecting it?????

By DB @ 05/11/2009 14:55:25

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At last OMBC gets something right. Credit where credit's due. Now all that's needed is for ALL members of Oldhams socially engineered multi ethnic community to show their support for "our boys" by proudly wearing a poppy. I live in hope for this sign of community cohesion, a small gesture that'd show they're not just here for the economic benefits of living in the UK.

By Chubby Chud @ 05/11/2009 15:43:08

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DB got it right on the ....... Why does this inept liberal council waste taxpayers money like this???????

By Keith @ 05/11/2009 17:10:41

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i agree it is good, and i have to say i have seen a majority of people wearing poppies this year all over the place. its actually becoming rare to see someone without one at this time of year. but yes good on oldham council for this, this year.

By agentsquirrel @ 05/11/2009 17:13:51

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This is an absolutely excellent thing to do.

I just have one reservation. Bearing in mind the ever-increasing number of amputees, permanently disabled and mentally ill coming back from Blair's 'little jaunts' in Iraq and Afghanistan and the help they (and their families) will need for the rest of their lives, had the council considered giving the Legion £25K instead?

By adwilliams134 @ 05/11/2009 17:28:33

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As much as I like the image and what it stands for, I cant help but think that the council could have made a cheaper statement to respect the soldiers and in tern used some of the £25,000 to clean up the civic centre itself, admittedly the building itself is very poor but they could try to make it look a little better by cleaning the moss and grime off the concrete.

By BrierleyofRoyton @ 05/11/2009 17:30:42

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anything thats done to mark respect for our fallen is fantastic,ill be at the rememberance on sunday to pay my respects to our brave forces who have lost their lives,but i often wonder if the fallen could speak,would they have given their lives for a country,thats become a dustbin for thousands and thousands to come here to abuse it.I CERTAINLY WOULDNT.

By keefey @ 05/11/2009 20:28:13

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my grandfather came back from the 1st w.w,with nothing other than medals,no job no money no support,,,put the money to better use!!support our vets,,

By webi @ 06/11/2009 02:44:38

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What a stupid comment chuddy...if you want integration you need to check out what it means to give alms to charity to the majority of Asians who are muslims, its a duty of our religion. It has also to be given humbly and with humility. This does not mean popping 50p into a collection box and tellinmg the whole world how generous you are by flouting your donation!!! You wear a poppy if it builds your self worth and importance

By fightback @ 06/11/2009 08:51:15

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also chuddy i know you dont want to hear it, but "our boys" include muslims who are there and who have died (in the British army), but as usual you need to dig this info out, and itsn ot worth your time, easier to criticise us eh!!

By fightback @ 06/11/2009 08:53:22

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saw it last night and i can now see why we need to get the liberals out of oldham.
£25000 wasted. it wasnt very clear at all. and that was before the fog came in later on.

£5000 a night which should have been given directly to the poppy appeal!

By fedupoldhamer @ 06/11/2009 11:23:55

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I think it is wonderful.
How predictable that someone had to moan about the waste of electricity etc - yawn! For once, Oldham Council has done something to be proud of.

By decodiva @ 06/11/2009 14:54:44

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unbelievable. Only in Oldham could this story have negative comments (by the usual suspects). Why dont we do some cost and value for money analysis on the remeberance parade itself with the police/councillors etc and see how that costs the tax payer and not bother having one?? Also where did anyone in these thread mention race? im a little confused by fightbacks comments?? THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA.

By rjsoafc @ 06/11/2009 15:49:26

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The people of Oldham seem to have a range of views on the subject. One common point being, would it not have been more effective to just donate the money spent to the Legion. I would like to think that the results of the exposure had been weighed up against this before they signed the cheque.
buryfc66 said:
Nice one Spaz, obviously the whingers are out in force already.
Incredible isnt it?

HMG yesterday said they were going to piss away another 30 BILLION pounds away on the banks and not a peep.

A council decides to do something,albeit transient,for the troops and the moaning comences.

I suppose it just goes to show that 25k is a sum of money that people can understand,while the billions of pounds in debt being foisted onto us taxpayers is just too much for some people to comprehend.
Sefton Council have placed two mahoooosive poppies on their Bootle Town Hall and Southport Town Hall.

They look fantastic

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