Highly recommended wireless router

Took ownership a wireless router a couple of weeks ago and put it through its paces. Its called the alfa awus0360h and can be seen on the link below.


Its a handy USB device but gobbles up two USB ports for power. Its not as portable in size as other USB routers but its attraction to me was the power of the little devil. I wouldnt usually go for a USB card for a laptop as in the past its always been a PCMCIA card.

The reach this little card gives beats most as its transmit power is extremely high (~500mW). Pug in the external 9db antenna and you are flying with numerous wireless networks to pick through. You can reach out beyond your borders for the inquisitive types. Another bonus is that it is 100% compatible with Backtrack.

Thought i would post this as I have read a few posts asking for router recommendations.

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