Highlander Scottish Pub, Paderborn

It makes a change to see (Sgt) Dicky upright.
He was pissed most of the time he was in 3rd Troop.
As was most of 3rd Troop, to be fair.
I laid the groundwork,having been troop leader, when Simon Jackson left.


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Reply from Chris (Uncle Tom's). The owner, his friend Ian, married a lovely, much younger Thai lady. Sold it off to enjoy life.


Is the Highlander still open? Tried to find a FB page for it, but nothing there.
I think it's shut, mate. Unless it's the one on the corner by Marienplatz (the bit at the pedestrian junction in town with the sunken seating area in a kinda colloseum layout). Steep steps down to a seedy basement bar? if that's the one then, it is defo still open, or was til Easter 2021.