Highlander Military kit

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. Is this quality kit ? especially their 100ltr green deployment holder
  2. Just web-tex by another name.
  3. Seconded
  4. I've always thought Arktis make good quality kit, I bought £100+ Arktis webbing 14 years ago and it is still in A1 condition today.

    Or is it a case of Arktis used to make good quality kit?!!
  5. Doesn't matter how sturdy, tough, well-stitched, robust, pretty, ally or whatever you think it may be.

    If it ain't issued, pound to a pinch of shit it ain't IR proof and therefore you ain't tactical at night.

    In fact, you'll glow like a fucking luminous sign through NVG's so the next time you're bigging up the plethora of decent-sized pouches hanging off your belt, light up a fag, a hexi block or a couple of Catherine wheels..........won't make a difference to any decently equipped sniper.
  6. Well shish....

    You may lose your £1.oo. Yes ,there is a lot of 'christmas tree' kit out there, but there are companies out there, including mine who pride themselves on making kit that IS of a standard YOU expect. Even if you do have to pay for it.

    Our kit must be well thought of, otherwise Good CO would'nt have let us sponsor a forum!!!!!!!
  7. If your after a decent size holdall, the issued Black one is ok.
    But like most bits of kit, If you beast it enough it will finally give way.

    Agreed with the post on IR..Just stick to the issued pouches..It does make
    me laugh as to how many water bottle pouches you can try and get on a
    web belt.. :roll:

    If your after the all singing and dancing stitched up webbing, then try
    this link to Troopers of Colchester on a different thread... :wink:


    At the end of the day, It's issued because it has been tried and tested on Ops.

    With regard to ARKTIS, agreed when it first came onto the scene, most
    of the guys bought the Gucci Kit advertised.
    But over time i personally think the workmanship has severely lacked and
    as a result sub-standard kit is churned out.
    Daysacs with zips that fail early on, stitching that just comes away.
    And quick release clips that are too brittle and just snap off.

    Just stick to Pussers kit....And it's FREE... :wink:
  8. I'm thinking about getting a set of webbing by Troopers, would you suggest it? Is it made of IRR materials like the issue plce, and how does it compare to the issued stuff in terms of build quality (stitching, materials used etc.)

  9. Hi James,
    Yep, If you trawl the above link, it does say that the pouches are
    of IRR Mod Spec material.
    I believe the build quality is first rate, and they can pretty much knock you
    any configuration of web gear you desire.
    They can also add pouches to bergans, Daysacs, Cott vests Etc.

    01206 511 268

    See for yourself, or if in doubt give them a ring.
    Im sure they have a good satisfaction rating.
  10. Thanks mate, i will give them a call when i have some time. Cant believe i missed the bit about being irr.

    cheers, James
  11. James

    I got some of the webbing recently really is quite good paid a bit more had a few extra pouches done as well.
    quality is pritty good but not tested it in the filed as such so dont know what its like in that aspect.
    wear wise know matter how i fastened my belt with the issue kit every time i got down & up the webbing would end up rising up around my chest. with the troopers kit it didnt last week while i was teaching skill at arms lessons. THE BIG THING IS I FEEL ITS SITS BETTER & FEELS A LOT MORE COMFORTABLE THANT ISSUE STUFF why i dont know but i was glad i paid my money for it.
    And everybody tried it on and they are wanting to get some now

  12. So is all Arktis kit IR Reflective then?
  13. which forum is he talking about??
  14. Thanks for the info, i was thinking about geting the standard belt order, nothing too fancy. 5 utilitys, 1 ffd and 1 double ammo seems enough.

    A few questions, how does it fit around your waist, any pouches at the front or are they at the side and back only?

    Also, do you know how much it would cost for the standard belt order, on the thread here, first picture at top:


    In the thread it says that the setup costs around £85, but this does seems to good a price for a custom set up, so i'm wondering if you know the proper price (or is it £85?). You also said you had extra pouches put on, is it worth it?

    cheers, James