Highlander assault vests

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maguire, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I've seen thses for quite reasonable prices - does anyone have any experience of them or will it be a step down after using Arktis gear?

  2. Highlander assault vests? Can there be only one assault vest?? "Assault Vest of the Clan Assault Vest?"??
  3. The Highlander assault vest is a "copy" of the Arktis removable pouch battle vest.

    Much like the Combat Vest from Webtex is a copy of the Arktis Jungle Battle vest.........

    But then the Arktis Notebook, looks very much like the Highlander, Webtex, BCB Notebook.

    One could jump to the conclusion that they are all made in the same factory........
  4. dont buy it then the paracord on my arktis removable pouches battlevest pouches failed so highlander vest will probably fail earlier.
  5. I have seen these on the market for quite reasonable prices. I didn't buy one as the taped seams were quite a bright green on the demo and stood out a bit too much for my liking. It also had a rather plastic feel about the whole thing. I have yet to find an assault best at the price I am willing to pay (next to b*gger all) that is up to standard though so I still use webbing. I understand you can pick up the PLCE version for around a hundred and thirty quid with the 'All arms' version for onehundred and ten or something. I'm not sure what the differnce is and these prices are cadet direct who are in my opinion a little on the dear side so if you shop about you might get one cheaper. Do you need it?
  6. "woody" email Arktis and ask for an exchange / repair, they always say they offer a "lifetime" return policy........

    In some situations I belive that a Battlevest / Chest rig can be a good purchase, but then people do end up paying a lot for them......

    Got a mate in the RLC who has just been issued a "issue battle vest" that won't take A2 mags!

    Some idea of the different items and approx prices you should be asked for.......

    Arktis Jungle Battlevest(IRR) - £75 - £100
    Webtex Standard - £50 - £75
    Webtex Combat Assault (IRR) "Looks like the Arktis Jungle..." - £65 - £80
    Highlander(IRR) - £65 - £80

    The following prices are TRADE but I have included VAT to give you some idea of the markup..... :)

    BCB ALL ARMS in DESERT DPM - £45.83 (Trade)
    BCB ASSAULT VEST DPM - £61.60 (Trade)
    BCB CHEST RIG - £64.63 (Trade)

    I always reccomend purchasing a vest that is built to last, and has a good exchange program:-

    Have a look at www.combatkit.net - Yes I do have a Trade account with them, but I yet been able to find fault with them?

  7. Oh it took 5minutes with a house wife to fix it so not a major problem
    might have done it if i hadnt been in iraq :) . but happy with vest in genral
    supposedly thousands of vest went to iraq dont know anyone who has had one issused yet
  8. Bonjour.

    Before fecking off into the real world (or as close as i can get while at uni) I went on a course with cadet nazi who had a highlander one. Its was shockingly shyte. The front two chest level pouches jumped around like no one business and he looked like a moron when he ran (issue solved with NBC tape and sewing the ruddy things on in the end)

    All arms one looks alright but at £125 from SASS i wouldnt bother. Arktis is the way to go and with the likes of Ebay you can get excellent examples for only a few beer tokens.
  9. Again do you really need to spend your pennies? The issue webbing isn't that bad and you can get lots in the zip up pockets of the 95 smock
  10. Cant drive wearing webbing Its also horrid in vechicles .also in iraq wont be wearing a smock that why a brought a vest. Both have their places depends on the task you doing .
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Had a Webtex and it started to come apart after one year (Keep in mind that is one year as an ACF wallah these days so in relity about two week's wear.

    Got a Highlander one, it is much better and fine for what I do.

    If my life depended on it or I was going to use it regularly I would go for an Arktis or Vanguard.
  12. Fair enough but you don't need to wear a smock to wear the webbing and you can get more stuff in the webbing than the vest. Be honest how many blokes just want the vest to look cool?

    If you can't drive wearing webbing take it off. It can be put back on fairly quickly. I will remind you that before these vests started appearing drivers still managed.
  13. I'm sure you can manage with webbing for some tasks .Vests are also ideal for some tasks . As are chest rigs its horse for courses found mine useful in iraq .Nothing wrong with looking cool :lol:
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Keep your eyes on the Arrse shop in the near future.

    Watch & shoot, watch & shoot......
  15. Ive been using an Issued vest for about 5 1/2 years now - there still shite for driving - so take the advice - take it off. Webtex, highlander and all them firms are aimed at the ACF. The issue tissue vest is the dogs, but only if you require one. The only advantage about a vest, as far as I can see, is that I am only 5'8" and even with a short back and PLCE find it uncomfortable when wearing CEMO. Other one is you can put you hands inside RUC stylee when DSing a command appointment. Oh and of course they look good.