Highland Dancing

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Recognise the highland dancer anyone.... a lady of untold talents :D


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  2. And I thought I wasted too much time on the internet! Is this what you lot get up to on Second-Life? Get-a-Life would appear more fitting ;)
  3. Yes, you probably do also, seeing as you are reading this :wink:

    Its called fun mate...
  4. Some people consider SL sad, others enjoy it. Its surprising how many people will tell you to get a life then disappear in front of the telly to watch Richard and Judy or play their xbox.

    SL is a game. One of the major things that attracts people is it gives the opportunity to be the master of the game and control every aspect of game play. No one is writing the scenario for you, its fully interactive and allows people to be creative. Better, anyday, than an hour of that Kyle bloke being rude to chavs.

    People are of course entitled to their oppinion - but i would urge a doubter to have a go, take a tour around SL, before denouncing it as sad geekery. You might just enjoy the experience.
  5. Enjoy! If I wasn't chained to the desk waiting for stuff to come in I'd go out shooting!
  6. Fair enough. Although we do have a range and theres any number of people who will chain you to anything you like. :D