Highgate Hill Army School [Kaula Lumpur Malaysia.]

I and my 3 brothers attended Highgate Hill Army School Kaula Lumpur from 1967-1969 during my fathers 3 year posting.
My class teacher was a Miss Lockwood and the school motto was "Strive to Serve"
Some great memories of the school and our time in Malaya as it was called then.
We were regular butterfly collectors and would often be out with our nets.
I remember us having regular runs out with the Hash House Harriers and being allowed 1 bottle only of either Anchor or
Tiger beer that was waiting for us after the race chilled by huge blocks of ice.
We had regular holidays up to the island of Penang too.
So if you have memories of Highgate Hill or your time in Kaula Lumpur it would be good to hear from you.
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Hi mate,

Wow, your post brought back a flood of memories and tears. I also attended Highgate Hill and had Miss Lockwood as a teacher. I remember well morning assembly and the little old man who used to come around on his pushbike selling suncakes at recess. Sadly, all my photos and memories of those years were lost (stolen) a few years ago and all I have now is a school report and my memories. My email address is r167721@gmail.com and I would love to chat more with you about those days. Thank you mate, you have brought back some precious memories that I had really lost. Cheers Alex.

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