Highgate Hill Army School [Kaula Lumpur Malaysia.]


I and my 3 brothers attended Highgate Hill Army School Kaula Lumpur from 1967-1969 during my fathers 3 year posting.
My class teacher was a Miss Lockwood and the school motto was "Strive to Serve"
Some great memories of the school and our time in Malaya as it was called then.
We were regular butterfly collectors and would often be out with our nets.
I remember us having regular runs out with the Hash House Harriers and being allowed 1 bottle only of either Anchor or
Tiger beer that was waiting for us after the race chilled by huge blocks of ice.
We had regular holidays up to the island of Penang too.
So if you have memories of Highgate Hill or your time in Kaula Lumpur it would be good to hear from you.


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Pat W

Hi I am in your 2nd group photo above. The one next to Mr Meade. Very fond memories of time in the far East. You're not the Gary in the photo below by any chance - on geography trip in the Cameron HIighlands



Hello Pat
Thankyou for commenting on my post it's nice to hear from another former pupil of Highgate Hill and I can happily inform you that the young boy middle row 5th from left is Robert Frost who was in Malaya from 1967-1969 and he is now living in Canada and is on Facebook should you wish to make contact with him.

You may find this link useful Pat
Rasah Camp - Seremban Message Board - Tripadvisor

Do you have any memory of where you lived in Seremban as I am planning on visiting next year should this Covid-19 crisis be over and I have made contact with a number of local people via the Seremban group page on Facebook and have had many offers of accommodation which will keep my costs down as I am planning on going over on a 3 month visiting visa.

I am now aged 62 and it would be nice to go back to what was my favourite army posting and maybe find our 2 old bungalows we lived in during our time out there.

Sadly I am not the Gary in the photo but we went up to Cameron Highlands often usually to catch butterfly's or to run out with the Hash House Harriers.

Well Pat it has been great reminiscing about our time in Malaya and I hope this message finds you well and if you should remember anything else regards your time there it would be great to hear from you.
Fantastic photos of kids living a lifestyle todays could not imagine.
And it was'n't even about money.
We were wealthy from life experience , not things bought with huge wages.


They are great photos, I attended Good Shepherd Convent School, Ampang Road, Kuala Lumpur. Was there between 1957 and 1960. From ages 3-6. My Father was in the 4th Malay Battalion and I have many photos of him and us in our bungalow in KL. On the back of one photo it says Gurney Road HQ, and has Dad having a drink with an English RSM and a Malay Captain. we sailed home in 1960 from Singapore to Southampton, via Mauritius and Capetown.

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