Highest rank on ARRSE?

I remember seeing Mike Jackson comment about ARRSE on Question Time once but that was post-CGS.

Anyway, what's the highest rank of user (who has publically volunteered this information)?
There is a queen who is a frequent user


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In a plane, 30,000 feet.

Sorry I thought you said ****!

Don't believe what you see on the Pathe newsreels. I'm posting from Paraguay.


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WaltenKomando Ober Gruppen Fuhrer

Very often self appointed.
You mean the highest rank amongst the 3 (possibly 4 at a push) ARRSE users that are actually in the Army? And before the bleating starts I discount the TA, the Dorking Paint-balling Club and those of you that have a subscription to the Survival Aids Catalogue or Soldier of Fortune Magazine.
Surely its Baron?
Ain't me that's for sure and mighty glad I am of that.

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