Highest Rank a LE can Achieve?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jimima_Shark, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. What is the highest rank a LE can achieve and what is the regulation/factor that limits progression? Does it change if an LE converts to DE?


  2. There was a chap in the ACC of all corps who started off as a private and ended up a Field Marshal as far as I know.

  3. I keep hearing Lt Col but that's rubbish since I know of at least two LE Lt Col's. I guess it depends what lodge you're in...(dons helmet)
  4. Technically its supposed to be Full Colonel (nowadays), however, I don’t know of any. Depending on what MCM road show you believe LE’s have been boarded for some Colonel posts for the last couple of years.

    If you convert to DE you can compete for any rank as long as you have the appropriate quals appointments and time (the operative word being compete).

    Bearing in mind you are competing with fully staff trained fully profiled DE officers and there are no special posts for converts.

    That is my understanding of the situation
  5. Is it still called LE??

    How quaint, I thought they had done away with all that, in favoulr of more egalitarian flavours of "Reg C"

    I did hear some over-promoted warrant officer in the wardroom the other day saying it was possible to serve to 65 and leave as a full colonel, if that sort of thing lights your fire :?:
  6. I am sure that it is Lt Col.

    By the time LE's get to this rank (generally) they are within 2-3 years of 55.

    This prevents them from going further as they have completed 37 years.
  7. LE was Lt Col wasn't it?

    Unless you turned to the darkside.
  8. Bore off :roll:
  9. It is Lt Col; full Colonel was an aspiration in the report written by that BT man some 10 years ago (my memory isn't what it was.... wasn't it the Bett Report?) and was never taken as an option.

    I have also heard of LE Lt Cols being boarded for red tab jobs but I don't think any have done well enough (mainly because even the best LE will only have a maximum of 3 CRs in the rank, most will have only two and none of them will be in command).

    I agree that those who convert to DE from LE can go higher but they will always struggle against the Sandhurst DEs if only because the DEs will have had better and beefier jobs.

    However, a little research in the Army List is always instructive; a sizeable proportion of our more senior officers have served time in the ranks. They obviously searched their knapsacks well enough to find the Field Marshal's baton concealed within. :D

    Me? I can't even remember where I left the f******** knapsack!


    Edited to remove a nasty stutter and add the name of the BT man...
  10. I thought it was Colonel but not heard of any in my trade get past Lt Col.

    As for 'over promoted' warrant officers, well I know many grossly over promoted Sandhurst Cadets!!!
  11. oldbaldy

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    Case in point


  12. Colonel. SSC(LE) and SRC(LE) officers who are converted to a DE Reg C may have the opportunity for promotion to Colonel and beyond, subject to Direct Entry promotion and selection criteria. Link
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    I prefer the older title of QMs Commish!
  14. I think we are in agreement, however, you say it far more eloquently.

    I agree a fair few senior officers started in the ranks but commissioned to DE long before they would have been converting to LE.

    I think the ‘LE boarded for Full Colonel’ propaganda is yet another carrot dangling exercise by our lords and masters to get yet more blood out of a very over milked stone.

    And as for the LE to DE thing, promote them to LE ever increasingly early (35 is not uncommon nowadays), sow the seed that they will not get Reg C nor be boarded to Lt Col until they are at least 50, therefore it makes sense to go DE and be able to get Full Colonel rank.

    Hey presto, not only do we have LE’s doing sh*ty SO3 posts, we have a whole raft of officers to do the really shitty SO2 posts leaving the good posts for the ‘proper orifeces

    Not only that convert less LE’s to Reg C and promote our new re-tread DE’s into the traditional LE Lt Col posts and there is no sacrifice of traditional DE posts there either.

    Cynical, me :roll:
  15. Next thing they'll be asking for the right to vote. Proletarian scum eh?