Highest Poppy?


Well done, pat on the back for younge sidley.
Good effort lads. Not enough people take the trouble anymore.
Good Effort Silsoe....... 23rd Oct 1918..... all that time and just three weeks to the end.....
Well done those men !! ...........Do I hear the pitter-patter of Jockaneese Arrsers heading for Glen Nevis ?


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We will be holding a remebrance service in Troodos on Sunday which is 1 mile up (give or take) - but of course we won't be walking up there.

Well done!
minister_doh_nut said:
Good Effort Silsoe....... 23rd Oct 1918..... all that time and just three weeks to the end.....
A week after 'The End'. this was written to Marcus' Mum. ( postmarked 19 Nov 18 )
click to enlarge.

France Nov 18th 1919

My Dear Mrs Higgs,
It is my painful duty to tell you of the death, in action, of your son, 2nd Lieut M.W. Gibbs.
Your son, who was a close friend of mine, was commanding No9 platoon of my company and took his platoon forward in the attack of October 23rd 1918.
We attacked at 1.20a.m. and I was talking with him 3 or 4 minutes before giving the order to advance.
He was very cheerful and bright and his men had confidence in him.
Later, we were held up by 6 enemy machine guns and your son gallantly attempted to rush the guns but he was wounded in the head and must have died almost immediately.
Some of his men have since told me of their high regard & respect for his sterling qualities, he was very popular.
He has been laid to rest, with all religious observances, & a cross erected on his grave.
Dear Mrs Higgs, let me express my deepest sympathy to you & all his dear ones.
You have lost a worthy son, the battallion a good officer, myself and the men a good friend.
Believe me to be, Mrs Higgs,
With heartfelt sympathy,
L Ellwood
2nd Lieut
Commanding No3 Coy
9th(S) Bn. The Devon Regt.


We have no idea why Marcus is referred to as 'Gibbs' early in the letter.
Lots of letters to write, the end of the war, even nowadays 'endex' is a time for pandamonium!
I remember when my brother was in a serious car accident and Mum received a telegram to say he was in intensive care.
It started, we regret to inform you....
...but the thing was the first letterof our surname was changed to a 'K'. So if you know me, you'll understand the feelings at the time.
These things happen I suppose!
Outstanding said:
I believe that, most tragically a Canadian soldier was killed by a sniper just outside Mons at 1058 on 11 Nov 1918.
There are plaques on the road in Belgium that runs past SHAPE which
mark the first and last deaths on the Western Front, less than 1 mile apart!!

Good effort Sid!!!
Not very high.. but perhaps the "strangest-jurisdiction" poppy
yesterday's afternoon, RAF attache to Brit Embassy in Buenos Aires, on board a South African Frigate
Plain paper/plastic poppy, on right breast pocket
let's see... Argie terriotorial Waters, British Officer with Diplomatic Status (hence a territory in himself, soprt of way), on board a S African Ship (S African jurisdiction then)

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