Highest paid Ground Support Staff (yes it's true)

Sorry to repeat this, but I thought it needed a seperate forum.
I would like to remind everyone that there are groundies about who 'earn' a lot than us, who take our lives in Westlands hands each time we lift.

Over the water, there are at least 2 'groundies' who are:

i. On enhanced flying pay, presently £34.22 A DAY.

ii. On LSL(A) , meaning they will shortly have ALL their pay (inc. flying) pensionable. (earnings of £45000+ until 55, not long to go?)

iii. In receipt of FRI bonuses (1st issue £20000 total), despite being well past Initial Pension Point (unqualified for FRI)

iv. Taking up flying posts. (that's why aircrew are not undermanned!)

v. One of whom still managed to be promoted, against conditions of LSL(A) (increased status)

vi. Have not flown for at least 3 years and give no useful aviation input into the Regiment.

 Now how does that work?
(Retention, which isn't a problem with the AAC, is supposed to be aimed at the Officer Corps)

 How many more are in the system ????
;D  I think he means 1 Regt AAC Germany

You realy are a boor about this aren't you, got a small tool as well have you, worse case of penis envy I have ever seen, remind me not to sit next to you again at a mess dinner will you.?
Mapled, I think I know who you mean. They are both on my books as pilot LSN's. Plus another due to political reasons.

(Devils advocate mode)

If I had done in excess of 22 years, I would be more than glad to be in receipt of a little golden handshake. Ie still getting FP. I know, you might consider being on LSL(A) to be that anyway.

The regs state that you if you are out of a flying post for more than three years then you move to a lower FP rate etc until you no longer apply. But as the first two have a flying LSN, they still recieve. Right or wrong, thats the way it is. Having had a bit of a bitch about the very same subject in the past as I believed my aircrew to be undermanned due to actual people filling seats. I discovered it was a special case. What I mean is, extra slots have been conjured up to accommadate.

With regards to the one you mention still being promoted (against conditions of LSL(A) (increased status). He is only local. His pay statement still reads below the rank he is wearing (to which I remind him of on a daily basis!) and he has the regards and respect of a class three RLC Pte within the Regt! The one who is the twin of Mr Bean I believe you are refering to?

All is not as much of a cluster as you maybe imagine. I looked into this when we first deployed on Ex and scanned through the LSN's and tried to get the above digging a shell scrape on Haltern as they 'belonged' to me!

I'll agree to your last statement with regards to Mr Bean giving  no useful aviation input into the Regiment. One clear shot is all I need! Sycophant, but the clowns up at that end of the airfield love him as he has carved out a niche that only a true member of the National Socialist party could. Ie the other wet blankets in the Big Top think he knows what the flip he's taking about because they have all been released into the community on day release and would be better served being in charge of nothing more than a small garden shed full of blunt tools! That, though, is another thread, another bottle of Brandy!

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