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About time the lost art of ACS has been recognised. Higher rates for stripeys come April 1. And its not an April fool. Remember guys it no longer pays to be three fingers, one trigger.
Having seen the 'Official' response to Bdr Bells question regarding Higher pay for RA in the March 2005 Soldier mag I thought I would tell you what really happened. When the JSJET team interviewed all the trade sponsors to assess new pay bandings, only 1 sponsor refused to talk to them, DRA. Therefore the job of allocating pay ranges for RA trades was simple. Every trade except for 2 were made lower regardless of what they were under the old system. Incidently the RE made Cbt Engr a higher band and every spr must hold a cbt engr qual.
It's a great idea for ACS stripy's to go up to higher but what about L4 full screws who can do the same job! a bit of recognition for them would be nice. All you seniors know what it was like with the most inexperianced CP dets in NATO trying to produce the goods with a rodney straight out of the factory doing his best to end the DC's career and the mong on the regy net talkin bollox. Higher rate for all L4 qual ACS Gunners is the way ahead
rubbish you crow when you deserve to be a sgt you may,may,get the higher rate,until then hahahahahahahahaha
mens-meze said:
rubbish you crow when you deserve to be a sgt you may,may,get the higher rate,until then hahahahahahahahaha
well done mens-meze mindless abuse is always good and mindless is a good description of you cheeky monkey
how about mindless violence,thats what got me where i am today my lad,i can tell you pip pip twizzle fonk
mens-meze said:
how about mindless violence,thats what got me where i am today my lad,i can tell you pip pip twizzle fonk
I've known you long enough to know it wasn't anything else that got you there if pay was work related you'd have to work the rest of your life to pay back the money you would owe :lol: :D 8) :lol:
Just reopening this issue again because I am An ACS stripy currently serving away from the mighty Royal Regiment. My pay has not gone up and my pay clerk says without the right docs he can’t do anything (might be because he is a SSgt and I will be getting more money than him). Can anyone tell me where to get a copy of the authority for the Higher Rate of pay?
at_ease said:
...only 1 sponsor refused to talk to them, DRA...
I don't want to take anything away from this post, as it explains the dynamics of JSJET very well, and I happen to agree with its methodology. However, HQ DRA deliberately withheld input to the JSJET because they knew the shake up in Artillery Careers would render the work useless, and they thought the vast majority would prefer a streamlined career structure that paid dividends in the future as opposed to 'quick win now', and I have to say, they were right.

Change inevitably brings discontent, but I for one am delighted that ACS are finally getting financial recompense for being jolly good eggs. :D
Gunnerear - for those that qualify, it will happen automatically (note - I'm not smiling ironically) but it will take time. You can speed the process by ensuring that your UNICOM and PAMPAS printouts are accurate, particularly with regard to your enabling qualification (ACS L4 or whatever) and make shure your rank in that stream attracts Higher Band pay - there are some oddities!
I'm in the targetting world so pay 2000 has been good to me, after the initial setback when it first was brought in, i was almost immediately involved in the JSJET for the OPA side, the problem encountered firstly for the Arty was that original JSJET questionaires filled in by all ranks were not filled in with much enthusiasm, intelligence or forethought, the Infantry on receiving the questionaires ran a small course, cadre or workshop on how to fill them in and applied a liberal amount of plaster to the cracks in their common sense. This aided their fight for the much sought after prize (Higher rate). Once it had become apparent that most Arty trades had suffered due to our lack of preparation TDT at the school ran a similar workshop before our interviews, questionaires and work study days. The result was all OP's got the high pay band.
I've been on the high pay band for over 4 years so to me its a cracking system and no remfs on the gun position deserve it anyway
This mindless arguing at the gun end is what gets you all a rep for being thick!!!!. Where as the OPs just keep producing the goods and got their pay 3 yrs ago. Stop bickering and you might be on time for a FP for a change.
I still haven’t seen this pay increase was it an April fool? When I asked my pay office (Non artillery unit) they informed me the trade/rank hadn’t been upgraded and asked for the official document. (Soldier mags article no good obviously). If some one has had upgrade and knows where the official document is please feel free to let me know
The ACS Sgts pay was automatically awarded for those with the correct UNICOM code..... HOWEVER..... so Sgts may still find that the code that they have inputted in their UNICOM systems is the incorrect one (I know) and will need to be amended to give you the higher rate. It happened to me so i am a victim also.
finally after 3 years i got all of my higher rate back pay......... all 9000 euro in a one......... cheers AGC F**kups not only did i have to wait 3 years i now have f**ked up tax for the next couple of months..........

when you guys eventually do get your higher rate just watch out for the promises you will get from the money people as to when it will appear physically..........

i recon if it took me that long in ratio to do a fire plan.......... i would have been sacked years ago
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