Higher rates for ACS?????

Does anyone know, for certain that is, if ACS is going to get the higher rates of pay. If so, do you also know which ranks are gonna prof and who is gonna dip out?
The last statement by the review team was to give it to ACS Lvl 4 personnel however it cannot be paid to soldiers in the current climate. My advice gentlemen is to watch the sigs personnel leave in droves to other less difficult trades in order to get the pay. Why would they want to stay in the job i ask? 8O
Been told by a mate of mine (another sigs sgt), that there was a letter produced for higher ech people only that ACS has been granted higher rate of pay. But there is no money in the kitty. ranks that would get the high rate were LBdrs, Sgts (in all Disciplines) and SSgt in AD. Bdrs would not as they work to either a CPO or WO2 within their job.
So with that in mind were problerly get it when Bowman has been given to all the Regt and it works. So that will be 2010 then.
Good stuff GQ - I can't think of a single reason (other than Regimental loyalty) why anyone won't want to join another capbadge that gets paid more for doing less.

It seems that the individuals who make these decisons have no real understanding of a dynamic like that. The reason is that the decisions over 'who gets what' are made by commissioned officers, who get paid the same regardless of capbadge (with a few caveats), in line with others of the same rank.

If some chap turned up at work tomorrow and said 'Well Slopes, we're going to give young Smithers the Engineer a pay rise for being an Engineer, but you get nothing cos you're a Infanteer', you can bet your arrse I'd be off like a shot.

Interesting that the effect of BOWMAN was mooted above. It seems that that original estimate of 'a few people will have to double hat in their jobs' is a bit wide of the mark.

I am very reliably informaed that the next drops of BOWMAN will need a DBA, an IMT Manager and a COINS Administrator. These individuals will have to have come through the ranks, gaining experience along the way. We have no chance of sustaining this in the long term if all the good blokes (and lasses) leave cos the pay is rubbish!! :evil:
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