higher rate of pay?

[/align]can anybody help?
I'm a Lbdr in the Royal Artillery, and I'm on lower pay band 7, i've just passed my Op Ack course level 2 and i know i'm now going on to higher rate of pay,
BUT i've been told two things, 1. that i will drop down to higher level 5, and the other thing is that i will go straight over to higher level 7,

does anybody know which one of them is the real answer?

thank you for your help
When you move between the lower/higher range, you should map straight across at the level you are. Sorting this out was a major part of Pay 2k follow on work.
When i moved over from to higher from lower after promotion i went over at the next level up from what i was being paid, the level numbers are irrelivant look at what you earn now and then map that accross to the next level on higher
mirroredone, you should at least move from lower 7 to higher 7. If you are at your increment point or you receive an Accelerated Increment (Class 2 and Class 1 definitily give you a 12 month fast forward) you may move up to 8.

The money involved only comes in to play when going from higher to lower. You must receive at least what you receive now or a little more. Thus Sgt Higher 6 may translate to roughly SSgt Lower 2 but you get 3.

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