Higher Pay Range - SPS Cpl, Sgt & WO2

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mutineer, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. As the original thread has been locked ArRSers may wish to continue the thread here, with the announcement that SPS Cpls, Sgts and WO2s will be upranged wef 1 Apr 09.
  2. Great result - obviously there was 'much' pressure put on the CoC who must have been aware that the Corps would implode if something wasn't done. Shite news about SSgts and WO1s, particularly as it has been banded around that WO1s scored highest at JSJET.......think some FOI requests will be submitted on the back of this (and rightly so!)
  3. :D :D :D

    Good luck to you all. It is amazing how things can change so quickly. Now about that £500,000.00 bonus for Cpls who have been in the Army for 15 years or more ............
  4. Yeah, but as usual, it's only for personnel who signed post Apr 95 You just missed out :D
  5. It is unfortunate that WO1s and SSgts were not included, but the result is nonetheless far better than I anticipated.

    Also the result will eventually benefit all the Cpls and above, as if you are promoted Sgt-SSgt and move Higher-Lower you will go straight on to one of the highest incremental levels, albeit on the lower range. The same applies to those promoted WO1. The only ones that suffer will be those already in the rank of WO1 or those that are currently SSgts that do not promote further.
  6. SSgt's don't deserve it in the SPS, FSA was the easiest job I ever did!!
  7. We're not all FSAs. In fact I wish I was!!
  8. SSgt's don't deserve it in the SPS, FSA was the easiest job I ever did!![/quote]

    Some FSA jobs are easier than others - FSA of a Signal Squadron is a very different job to FSA of a Parachute Battalion.
  9. What do you meen SSgt's dont deserve it I was an FSA I was given a load of extra responsibilities and with the undermanning of our det picked up most of the jobs at Sgt Level as well as RAWO due to resettlement. As an FSA do we not mentor the Sgts and Cpls, train and assist them as well as the management tasks that we fulfill, where do they get more responsibilities than us and get the pay rise.
  10. Most of you have the cash so stop the whining.

    This is a vast improvement on 48 hrs ago so just say thank you to the nice man and start withdrawing your transfer papers/signing back on/jumping back on the now only listing ship.

    Long live the SPS.

    "Now higher pay band WO2 get your head out of the Porsche brochure and sort my fcuking pay please"

    Well done guys it's nice to see justice and common sense all in the same press release.
  11. I hope your accounting is better than your spelling.
  12. Can anyone confirm that if you are currently on lower level 6 (for example) you will move across to higher level 6, or will you actually drop an increment or two to the level which most closely resembles you current rate of pay? My RAO seems to believe it's the latter but surely that would not be a true reflection on your length of service in that rank(?)
  13. I believe junior SSgt's have received an unfair deal, not just with the new pay awards.

    My wife is a member of the AGC and promoted to SSgt last July, anyone who knows her is well aware she is well suited to military life and exceptional at all aspects of her job. All her CR's state she has a excellent career in front of her, she has been recommended for commissioning.

    She has worked in some demanding places, airbourne, tanks and a transport regiment, being promoted at the earliest opportunity in every rank.

    It is was obviously difficult to work her way through the 4 year time bar at Sgt, especially as she was working in an RLC unit seeing all around her working less hours and being promoted very quickly. Due to the introduction of Veng she now has to wait until 2013 before she is eligible for promotionto WO2. Having to wait 9 years to be promoted twice, regardless of ability is unfair and will only serve to demotivate. I wonder if this is unique to the AGC?

    Then you throw into the pot from April she will be paid less than all of the Sgt's in her Corps.

    I understand you cannot please everyone all of the time, however there needs to be an element of fairness in any system. Maybe the AGC should put out a paper to state the new award will only be paid to soldiers who are FE and deployable, now that would be amusing.
  14. If she doesnt like it revert to Sgt, looking at the manning figures we are over established for SSgts anyway, if she has been recommended for commission then go for it now.

    Arent SSgts and Csgts posts normally lower pay bandie in the infantry and RAC?
  15. If you can get hold of the RAF letter which told TG17 that they were going on higher it states that you go to the higher band onto what ever level you are on now eg. 5 lower to 5 higher

    hope that helps we will have to see for us