Higher pay band?

Hi all,

Very quick question, but what constitutes 'higher' on the pay bands?

My first choice job choice (Int Corps) is said to be on a higher pay band, and I am also supposed to get a promotion to Lance right off the bat (which is nice).

However when I asked my recruiter, not five minutes ago, what 'higher' actually meant he couldn’t really tell me.

To make matters worse, Lance Corporal's wage seems to be between band 5-9 on the scale I have seen ( http://www.armedforces.co.uk/army/listings/l0104.html )
So would a higher band start around band 7? Or is the fact you’re Lance bump you up too band 5 and that’s your higher pay?

I am terribly confused, and would like to get a rough idea now to help with my budgeting (I am probably going to be abusing my overdraft whilst in basic, knowing what I will earn now will be a big help).
john87 said:
The link you gave clearly shows "Higher Range" and "Lower Range". you would be on the "Higher range"
Yes, but those ranges are what have confused me.

Range one is band 1 - 9 for Private to Lance, but as a Lance I will be on a minimum of band 5 (leading up to 9).

What I don’t know/understand is if it’s the while range (1-9), or just the Lance range of 5-9 that I will be on the higher band of.

Band 5 is high when looking at 1-9, but low when looking at the 5-9 range.
From that, this is what I would assume:

- You have been told that as you are in the int corps you will be on a higher band scale.
- Lance corporal is levels 5-9
- I'm going to assume an infantry lance corporal would be level 5 as it is not a technical corps.

As you have been told that you would be on the higher end of the scale, being a lance jack in the int corps I would assume you would be level 8 or 9, so you're looking at 21-22k.

That is what I would assume from that, however don't quote me on it :p
Its very simple. Look at the columns at the top:

You will start at same level as any lance corporal(lvl 5) but you will be on the HIGHER range...so thats £22,181.64
john87 said:
Its very simple. Look at the columns at the top:

You will start at same level as any lance corporal(lvl 5) but you will be on the HIGHER range...so thats £22,181.64

Christ I feel stupid, I totally missed that lol

Thanks for pointing that out, will be a massive help when dealing with my bank manager lol


Good grief.

There are 2 pay ranges - Higher and Lower, as seen on the chart. If you are going into a Higher level pay group, then just look at the Higher colomn, forget the other one.

Now, the levels. These are what you are paid each year, starting at the lowest level for your rank, and progressing 1 level up each year.

As a newly promoted Lance Corporal, you start at level 5. Next year, you go to level 6. The year after, 7 and so on.

This works the same for all trades, the only difference being if they are on the Higher scale, or the Lower one.
My advice is to budget on what you get paid - not what you might get paid. If you spend money because you are going to get a pay rise, you are heading for trouble. You might pull an injury, not pass part of the course, do some of it again etc and not get that pay rise when you plan to. Accept that you can't live like you want to for a bit and tighten the belt / buy fewer clothes / spend less on your chavmobile. Any other answer is going to make you a liability.
I don't like how infantry get paid the least yet they are the ones putting most at risk, i know it's not a technical job but frigging hell!
hey! what band is a com sys op on please anybody :)..thanks
thanks disco, thats good to hear :)

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