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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by 53massive, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. Rumours have been going round now for quite a while that the junior ranks will be put onto the higher pay band because of the apache being introduced. does anyone think this is really going to happen ?

    If it does wot does everyone reckon will happen with the sigs and MT pay as they have been tied for so long will there be a split Sigs or MT getting more respectfully??
  2. MPS operastors should get the biggest rise - but then I might be biased..... :)
  3. Is this a wah? If not then:

    a. LCpls are already on the higher pay band, are they not?

    b. The introduction of AH has seen an increase in the technical requirement of both signals and groundcrew trades, so a pay differential would be unjustified.

    If it is a wah then you got me.
  4. Gents, it is true that the Groundcrew role will undergo evaluation this year under JSJET. As you quite rightly state LCpl is already higher rate based on the historic inspection some 4 years ago. The aim is now to show JSJET that the complexity of all groundcrew trades within the corps have taken a quantom leap in change. The best case senario is that we get Cpl, Sgt, SSgt and WO to higher, however the likelhood is low. Foe us to gain a rise someone out there has to drop, and no one is steping forward at the moment. If we get one or two it would be a great acheivement. I will keep you posted. By the way your all great and MPS man you need to get out more Regards