Higher Pay Band - Level Cross Deck?


Just checked my salary on the ever helpful JPA and it states that I have gone over to Level 1 Higher Band (as at today, after being put on Level 2 Lower band yesterday!).

I was a Level 2 Lower band.

After speaking to an RAF TG17 Sgt, that is the same Rank and level, have realised she is in the same boat.

After reading some of the other older threads on the subject it was stated that we would 'Cross-Deck' to the same level on the Higher band.

Anyone found the same thing happened to them


Anyone have the hard and fast rules that we would be 'Cross-Decking' to the same level?


From JSP 754, The extract below. i was wondering this myself as i move to Level 7 as of monday, which including the AFPRB 2.8% makes for a massive jump. I thought it was straight from your lvl on lower to same level on High no change in IBD!

03.0209. Following a JE assessment of a trade it is possible for the pay range allocation for a rank within a trade to be changed because the WTS has altered, the number of pay ranges has been varied, or because the boundary between ranges has been changed by MOD. A change of pay range in such circumstances will have no effect on an individual’s Incremental Base Date (IBD). Details are as follows:

a. Up-ranging. This involves the movement of personnel from the lower pay range to the corresponding higher pay range on the same pay IL. On 1 April of the year following promulgation, personnel will transfer to the appropriate IL in the higher range which matches the IL they were on in the lower range (e.g. a corporal on IL 3 in the lower pay range will transfer to IL 3 in the higher pay range). Personnel on a Specially Determined Rate of Pay (SDRP) in the lower pay range will transfer to the highest IL in the higher pay range, unless the SDRP is higher, in which case they will remain on the SDRP until the individual’s rank changes such that the new rate of pay supersedes the SDRP.


As per Pay 2000 it was Level to Level, but whether or not JPA does the same remains to be seen? That quote looks like the Pay 2000 stuff we churned out when it was initially changed back in 2002/3 I thinks, prior to that it was simply the normal 2% increase resulting in moving onto Level 1 or 2 of the higher range.


It is across the board as I am at a Joint HQ, I checked and have dropped a level also, I put in a I Support to Glasgow but the UPO informed me that it had happened to mostly everyone. I will post on Mon when I am assured they will have an answer to the problem.


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Thought I'd read it somewhere before!

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Mine worked if it's any consolation :)


All been sorted now.

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Check out your Self Service, /information views/ Salary. Should now state that you are on the correct pay level. Otherwise get your clerk to check HR Admin/Pay&Personnel/Grade Step.

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